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    TorqueSim Releases BN-2 Islander

    Bought it a couple of days ago and it is a nice aircraft. Currently using it in XP11.50 Vulkan.
  2. philwhite

    X-Aviation Gets A New Look

    I love the new look site, more pleasing to browse through.
  3. This is looking good, Another potential purchase awaits.
  4. You are right regarding the response time and i am sorry about that. I have been busy and thought it was longer.
  5. Well i am a bit shocked to say the least. I received an email with a link to re-download but with a 5 Dollar charge, i don't think i will be bothering.
  6. I purchased the Enhanced Island of Oahu some time ago an i have recently built a new computer and want to install it on there. When i log into my X-Aviation account and download the installer the install fails due to an expired licence key so how do i get it valid again please. I have sent a ticket about a week ago and have had no response yet. Thanks.
  7. Are the wing and engine textures ok for all liveries and where do I install them please.
  8. I have created a ticket regarding a download link I need re-activating but as yet I have had no reply. at the time of writing this message it is 24 hours since contacting X-Aviation.
  9. Looks great. How much impact does this airport have on the FPS? I know a lot will depend on the system spec and rendering settings.
  10. Have you set up the Condition Levers on the throttle quadrant within the pop out menu that appears on the right of your monitor?? Just a thought.
  11. I bought the Saab a few days ago. A great Aircraft addition to my hangar.
  12. I really fancy this aircraft myself. I already have the Jetstream 32 along with SkyMaxx and the Oahu scenery so I suspect my hardware will run it well enough.
  13. I finally bought SMP and I am truly impressed. The level of cloud detail is amazing and I have noticed a slight increase in FPS.
  14. I have now RESOLVED this issue. I simply removed all Nvidia driver software and started again and that sorted it.
  15. Tried that already. Have a look at this which is logged with every flight in the X-Plane log This video card is: DX10 or 11 - With instancing (found glMapBufferRange)Note: X-Plane preferences are set to enable FSAA, but it is disabled by the driver control panel. I guess this is telling me that i don't have the correct setting in the Nvidia control panel.here is a screenshot of the settings so maybe there is a setting i have not got right??
  16. I had X-Plane 10.25 running pretty well on my GTX660 3gb card but decided some extra grunt was needed so I decided to install a GTX770 4gb card which is faster on the base clock etc.. Now with identical settings that were used with the 660 in the Nvidia control panel and X-Plane rendering options I am getting terrible Antialiasing. I don't use HDR and with 16x antialiasing it looks no better than 2x jagged edges and the scenery is shimmering so I have no idea what's causing it. I am using the same driver version but of course I have installed it for the 770. So jagged edges no matter wha
  17. Thanks for all your kind replies, I very much appreciate it. I do realise that my system specs will play a big part in the overall performance. Here is a list. Intel i5 3570k @4.2ghz EVGA GTX 660 3gb (soon to be a GTX770 4gb) or possibly a 780!! 16gb DDR3 1866mhz RAM MSi Z77 Mpower mainboard. I will be making the purchase for sure so thanks again everyone.
  18. Can anyone tell me the general opinion on this product. Does it improve the frame rate at all. I am thinking of buying it but if it won't improve my FPS over the default weather it will be a waste of money.
  19. This is the X-Aviation Jetstream 32 And now some random shots Thanks for looking. The scenery in all but the Jetstream shots is freeware and the scenery in the Jetstream shots is the Payware Oahu from X-Aviation.
  20. Just an update to say I have now figured it out.
  21. Hello everyone this is my first posting on these forums. Having just purchased the Oahu scenery from X-Aviation I am having trouble installing it due mainly to me not probably doing it right. I have got to the point where I enter my activation key and then it asks me to select the X-Plane main folder but won't install as I get an error message appearing then the install just cancels. Can anyone help me past this point so I can get it installed. I am running v10.25 of X-Plane. Thanks.
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