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  1. AutoFoV

    About AutoFoV
    AutoFoV is a plugin for the X-Plane flight simulator, automatically setting the field of view based on the currently loaded aircraft. AutoFoV is open source; you can find its source code and more detailed instructions at its public GitHub repository.
    Installing AutoFoV
    AutoFoV comes in X-Plane's fat plugin format. Simply extract the directory AutoFoV from the zip file and place it as a sub-folder into the Resources/plugins folder of your X-Plane installation.
    Using AutoFoV
    AutoFoV allows to define a custom field of view for each aircraft model (i.e. for each .acf file in your X-Plane's aircraft folder and its subfolders). To define a custom field of view, simply create an empty file in the same folder and with the same name as the .acf file, but suffixed with .fov instead of .acf, and populate it with the numeric FoV value you want to use with this aircraft (only digits 0-9 and the decimal dot are allowed).



  2. ID41 Stibnite

    This is my rendition of Stibnite Airfield (ID41), Yellow Pine, Idaho, USA. It is purely library-based and doesn't contain any custom objects.
    It features the curved runway, some vegetation and a simple cabin. I recommend using it with ortho scenery (the screenshots were made using VStates Idaho) - the default mesh has some glitches in the area.
    Libraries required:
    MisterX Library CDB Library 3D People Library


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  3. Air-Child IXEG 737 Classic Livery

    Initial version of my Air-Child VA livery. This livery models the only 737-300 on the ACH fleet, SE-JOK "Johann Olav Koss".
    Please note: I consider this livery as a rather basic version, I just threw the ACH colors, logo and decals at the paint kit provided by IXEG (with some minor adjustments). There are still a few rough edges (e. g. the struts on the radome, rudder leading edge etc.). For me this will do, however if somebody with better PhotoShop skills would like to have a go, drop me a PM and I fill find a way to share the PSD files.


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