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  1. Found out a Thing. I have installed Ver.116 clean. Than i loaded a Standartaircraft and deactivated every non XA Plugin. After that i loaded the TBM and activated all other Plugins. It seems to work. No CDT when starting X-Plane with the TBM.
  2. i am running XP 11.32 and the Ver 1.1.6 of the TBM 900. The Sim crashes on loading.
  3. The TBM is a great Plane. When you plan and have the G1000NXI and the G3000 Update, a good Idea would maybe be a Cessna Denali. Its an Aircraft in the same Class. With that you could reuse the G3000 with a few Changes. But the Thing is, it has a GE-Engine.
  4. I would like to have it before the Winter. Is that possible? This Plane and TerraMaxx = Awesome.
  5. The same view, nice Work on the PFD.
  6. Am i wrong or is the External Thing more detailed? The Standart looks more flat.
  7. The integrated Thing is not as good as the Tablet Solution. Hmm, i would guess keep the Tablet until a good G1000 SVS is available.
  8. Looks good, i will follow the Project.
  9. Norman

    X-Aviation Releases Take Command! Saab 340A!

    Great Plane. Any Plans to bring the Bird to XP11?
  10. So there will coming a 340B-Version?
  11. These guys have their reward in form of 60 USD per sold copy.
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