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  1. No worries! Thanks again for your awesome tutorial
  2. Just a little question on this: I've recently added PW and GE engines to my Jardesign A330, thanks for the tutorial! But as you can also see in your video, there are some parts shimmering in certain angles near the new engines. Seems to be a leftover of the original fan blades and something else. I went through the texture files and deleted everything that had to do something with the engine. Did you find a fix for this problem on how to get rid of those shimmers?
  3. You seem to be using a very old version of the FF 777. This is the old cockpit and the T7 avionics plugin is not working correctly! Please download the most recent version of the 777 from your account and follow the instructions on how to install the aircraft. You also need Microsoft C++ 2015 64bit for this aircraft. Judging from your screenshot the aircraft won't even be able to fly.
  4. Alright, I'm already trying to set up a texture hierarchy within the texture files. Doesn't seem to be working until now though :( I'll continue searching and report my results :)
  5. I've just converted the newest version of FlyTampa's Dubai airport. After editing all the usual stuff and adding some lighting/static airplanes I loaded the scenery for the first time in the sim. The textures on the ground are flickering like crazy! The taxi lines and gate numbers are always disappearing and changing to the asphalt texture below, same with all the apron and runway textures. There are no flickering buildings though. I've read about those issues with buildings and smaller objects. Is there any way to remove the flickering? After playing around with the antialiasing values nothin
  6. This happens if you wait for the release date and add the plane to your shopping cart too many times... Can't wait until tomorrow!!!
  7. Woow!! Thank you so much!! That is an incredible guide, could easily be a manual for all conversions!! Thanks again, I will work on all my converted sceneries now with this new information!
  8. Alright, I'm really a noob with LOD editing, could you maybe write a short step-by-step guidance on where to paste that line?
  9. I did delete it from the original scenery folder for FSX, that did the job for me. Maybe you didn't erase the right file? The filename seems to be correct, just search for it in the "scenery" folder and it should pop up
  10. I deleted the object file that was causing the error, so the conversion worked. But the ground textures are disappearing when you zoom out and I am not good at coding for X-Plane, so no solution for that at the time.
  11. Hi there! I just tried to convert the Taxi2Gate Mexico City scenery with FS2XPlane. Everything is going fine until a warning pops up saying that FS2XPlane can't write a certain object to the folder in my custom scenery and the conversion stops. Now I have a folder in my custom scenery that has some objects and the apt.dat for MMMX inside but no .dsf file that loads the scenery into X Plane. I already tried finding the object in the original FSX scenery but it doesn't exist since it's probably in some object file with other objects combined. I attached the conversion log, but I couldn't f
  12. Mornings are definitely no good time to fly into Dubai... Some planes have been in that holding pattern for over 40 minutes!!
  13. Flying Jamaican style!! Look at this fancy A340 with only one winglet on the right side...
  14. Alright, your log is full of errors and it looks like your system is loading a lot of water as scenery. First of all you need to decrease your rendering settings because X Plane is already giving you a warning that your PC can't handle it. Your scenery load is not correct, something needs to be fixed there. But I can't see any aircraft being loaded. You should maybe try a complete re-install of X Plane and then try to load up one of those aircraft again
  15. There is a file in your X plane main folder called "log.txt". It contains every process that happens when you run X-Plane
  16. I just tried them out in X-Plane 9 and they work on my system. And the description of the aircraft also says that it works in V9. Could you maybe post your log.txt so I can see what's wrong?
  17. Alright, "some prop plane" and "a 767" doesn't help either... The exact models please!! It could be that they are only working in X-Plane 10 which would create the error on your system.
  18. More information please What X-Plane version are you using? What aircraft did you download?
  19. Hi there!! The default F-4 has a beautiful 3d cockpit (although it's not functional sadly) but at night you can see almost nothing. The instruments are not lit which is the main problem. There is a file in the "cockpit3d"->"panels" called "panel preview" displaying all the instruments. Is there any way to create a copy of that file with some lit instruments or do you have to change some values in the acf file with plane maker? There must be a simple way to have the instruments lit at night like in other cockpits with that red glow. I hope someone can answer this question so I don't have
  20. That's the APU air inlet It will open when you start the APU and close when you shut it down. Here's a real life picture:
  21. Centreline tracking is not available in all aircraft. You have to steer the plane yourself! Once you touched down, the autopilot doesn't have control over the tiller nor the rudder to keep you centred on the runway. If you have rudder pedals or a joystick/yoke just use it to keep the aircraft on the runway. Modern airliners have a centreline tracking like the 747-8 and the A380, but it's not simulated in the Jardesign A320. I don't know if the real aircraft has this feature but I don't think so. Also, the flight simulator is there so you can fly yourself, not to let the autopilot guide you lit
  22. So you set your wanted altitude (lets say FL250). You turn on the flight director and click on "Nav" and "VS". You then dial in a value of VS that you want to have after take off (lets say 2000FPM). When you are in the air you engage the autopilot and the plane should follow the flight path and climb to the wanted altitude with the wanted vertical speed. You can also use "Speed" mode to climb. Engaging this mode will select the current speed and the aircraft will hold the selected speed by climbing/descending. The alt button should be lit up yellow when you engage the autopilot and hold the se
  23. I don't quite get what your problem is A detailed description would help... What Autopilot modes did you have engaged? At what altitude and speed were you trying to fly? What version of the CRJ and X Plane are you using? Log.txt and some screenshots please And the answer to your your last question: The CRJ doesn't have an auto throttle, there only is an IAS mode which holds the selected speed while climbing/descending.
  24. I think the X-Aviation store website is going to break down on the release date... There will be a few thousand people trying to buy your product in the first hours/days/weeks (and I'm going to be one of those thousands...)
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