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Sandel ST3400 TAWS - Alpha Preview

Ben Russell

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The Sandel gauge will work inside X-Plane as a 2D Panel Gauge, a 3D Panel Gauge and a Popup Gauge.

I'm working on technology that will allow you to drag the gauge interactively to where-ever you would like to see it in any gauge mode.

The following video demonstrates dragging the gauge in 3D Panel mode, 2D Panel mode and Popup Mode.

My apologies if it's a little hard to interpret and tell which mode is which. It also get a little messy towards the end as the 3D-Cockpit camera pans around.

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I received a comment on YouTube asking if this gauge is going to be a plugin or whether it is for a "special aircraft"..

This gauge will be available as a stand-alone gauge that will work with any aircraft on Mac Windows & Linux!

It is possible to integrate it with a 3D Panel if aircraft authors choose to do so.

It supports a full suite of "command strings" for all the buttons so that the Bezel buttons can be mapped using either Generic Buttons or Manipulators.

In some cases, aircraft with heavily customized 3D cockpits that have not been designed to integrate with the ST3400 will need to use the gauge in "Pop up" mode for optimal usage.

The popup toggle is also activated with a "command string" so that it may be activated using either a joystick button, keyboard hotkey or generic-panel-button.

So in summary;

- Will work without mods on most 2D panels, drawing over the top of any existing gauges.

- Will work on some 3D panels with no mods.

- Will require integration with high-level 3D panels that use 3D instrument bezels, eg: the Mu2.

- Will always work in Pop-up mode independently of the panel instruments regardless of the aircraft.

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I told you on direct conversation, but I want to tell you here also... This is great!!! This is a big step for X-Plane. Not only for this instrument, but because you can see it where ever you want. So There won't be more optical clients!!!  ;D

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I'm not one for saying nice things about other members [i'm from Yorkshire what do you expect] but over the last year or so indi has shown to be very imaginative, very talented, and very very helpful person. ST3400 looks wonderful and I think its a shame we don't have 10 or 20 mini-me indis' working on such projects... :)

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