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2 bugs that will be corrected by Laminar


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Hello all!!


Well I must inform of 2 bugs that are not important but they are there....


1. the pointers of the generators are almost all the time at near 0.0 (well they are at 14 amps) when usually they should be at 78-100.

That is because in change from x-plane9 to xplane10 Laminar put a comma where they should not so the maximum amperes possible to set in the different busses are 99.9 when normally it should be 999.

So we have to wait to next update from Laminar. Austin told me that in 10.20 beta 6 they are going to be.. but I am not going to release any update until beta becomes final. 

Any way.. this bug is not important at all, and the plane can fly perfectly with it.


2. Other is an old design from X-Plane. Master warnings accepts (press the master warning to stop flashing) will arm again to just "ring" in case a new problem IF we solved the last problem.

So.. in case we for example shut down one engine, the oil low pressure will come on and the warning.

When we press to accept the warning, we HAVEN'T FIXED the low pressure "problem". If we start the engine again then the master warning in the internal code of XPlane 9 and 10! would allow other possibility of activation when a problem comes..

But if we don't start the engine (or other problem we find) and we have another problem after accepting the master warning (for example a fire in the other engine) then the master won't jump. It will jump the firebell (and to switch off the damm firebell you have to press the master warning, even it is not flashing).

This will be fixed, as said by Austin in 10.30 or so...



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Hello Javier,


for unknown reason during longer flights the left engine constantly fails - bell starts ringing and it shows:


Torque 0

RPM 100



unfortunatly I can't start it even at KIAS 130 and following the described procedure. Any idea ?

Anybody with the same problem ?

I didn't exceed RPM or EGT so what ?

Kind of "flame out" in bad weather ?

cont. ignition required ?


Another question, what's the build-in engine type / label ?





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yes.. even you think the engine is not over the RPM limit maybe it is. That is why I put the Light advisory. And usually it lights before the right engine, so all matches to me. During cruise, don't let any light illuminate for more than 5 minutes near the rpm gauges, or you will have your engine broken.

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Hello Javier


I read the other thread now, do you mean 5 minutes in total ?

or can I exceed RPM limits e.g. for 3 min and the after e.g. 1 hour again 3 minutes ?


I guess you can't restart it for it's broken. Right ?


Anyway cool failure Javier :-)





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5minutes continously breaks the RPM.. you could be 4:something then relax.. then inmediatelly again another 4:something But that is risky. I think the only moment that is recomended to overpass the limit is when you have a problem... but always less than 5 minutes. 

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This kind of failure happened to me sometimes : I didn't notice the red lights and their functionnality (not explained in the manual). 

It's possible to re-start the left engine airborne : go to "equipment failures" in x-plane menu, then check out the "engine 1", go back to the first page of the menu, press the button to reinitialize all the equipments.


Good flights,



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Using 1.03 version of the JS32 in 10.20r3 (although this was also the same in 10.20b10. The 'base load on bus 1' setting in PlaneMaker is 196.0 amps. The base load on bus 2 is also 196.0 amps. This translates to close to a 400amp BASE draw.


What should this value actually be? 78-100 is what I saw in the original post.

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I just saw same documents-videos starting the generators and they where more or less like they are now. BUT I don't have the consumption of amperage of systems.. Didn't have that information. so everything is invented, in what is the needed amperage for systems feed.

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Understood. If I was able to get some accurate information on the base load, and the actual component draws, would you be ok with me sending you that information? This plane is amazing, such a beautiful panel, but I think it would be worth investing some time to get the electrical component draws right...and I'm willing to do some leg work on that. X-Plane, of course, allows you to enter all the draws for each individual radio, light and switch...so there's a lot of potential there.


Another quick question. I notice you have modeled the circuit breakers beautifully. Are those amp values on the breakers random, or were those from the actual photos of those breakers? If so, that's a great start.

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Yes.. the breakers are as they are in the real. But they are not modelled. I build them in all my planes in a case of activating them later. 

Of course any information is well received. It is hard sometimes to find good information.

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I wasn't expecting them to be functional, don't worry, was just curious if the amp labels were accurate on each breaker.


Good news, I heard back from a JS32 pilot that I hunted down on YouTube :)


in flight the normal load is jsut below 100 amps each side. With all anti-icing ON, it will show about 130 per side.

Avionics make a minimal change. maybe 5-10 amps per side drop when you turn them off.

The windshield heaters make the ampmeter fluctuate in flight. so you will some fluctuations between 95 / 110 AMPS per side. Depending on OAT and the cycling of the windshield heat.

I can post a video of Cockpit pre-checks, and another one with the amp meter in flight. 

I will send you the links when done.


And then this correction



Acutally I messed up a bit. 

Normal is more around 70 and goes up to 95 when windshield heat is cycling on.

the other figures where with other systems on.



So, it sounds like a base load of 70 per side is about right.

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