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X-Plane world links


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X-Plane world Links.

Official X-Plane site

http://www.x-plane.com -The X-Plane developer site. Buy X-Plane and download Demo/Updates here.

Forums, Pay-ware, and Freeware

http://x-plane.org - The X-Plane mainstream, and community site. Also contains pay-ware store.

http://www.flightsimx.co.uk - Don't let the name fool you, this is another X-Plane community site that covers X-Plane news, add-ons and more! (Thanks to FlightSimX for the link)

http://www.avsim.com - X-Plane file library and forum. (Thanks to Geofa for link)

Forums, Freeware

http://xplanefreeware.net - XPFW Team located here. They develop some of the best airliners for X-Plane.

http://www.x-plane.hu - Another community site, this time, for hungarian users! (Thanks to KSGY for the link)

http://www.x-plane.it/ - An Italian community site containing some very nice scenery developed for X-Plane. (Thanks to Nik for the link)

http://xpafrica.blogspot.com/ - An African community site containing scenery for X-Plane and the like. (Thanks to XPAfrica for the link)


http://plainlyxplane.blogspot.com - X-Plane commentary and product reviews.  Real world aviation news and events of interest. (Thanks to DaveDuck for the link) (Only open by invite)

Freeware, Pay-ware

http://shadetreemicro.com - High quality pay-ware GA and Bush Planes for X-Plane.

http://www.c74.net - Quality X-Plane pay-ware jets, GA, Helicopters, and concept designs.


http://data.x-plane.com - The site where all of the latest nav and airport data is available from. (Thanks to Robin Peel for the link)

http://www.ilmioatelier.com/I%20miei%20X-PlanesEN.html - An interesting Italian site dedicated to developing add-ons for X-Plane. (Thanks to CapnSully-Simon W for the link)


http://www.x-scenery.com - A site devoted to making high quality pay-ware scenery and aircraft for X-Plane.

http://www.jrollon.com - A site devoted to making high quality pay-ware and freeware aircraft for X-Plane.

http://www.x-aviation.com - X-Plane payware site. Buy all kinds of add-ons for X-Plane here.

http://www.xpjets.com - Devoted to making TOP NOTCH pay-ware aircraft for X-Plane.

http://petersuv.vs120062.hl-users.com - High quality pay-ware airliners for X-Plane.

http://forjets.netfirms.com - Historical heavy metal jets and GA pay-ware.

http://myvirtualhanger.com - High quality Warbirds and GA for X-Plane.

http://www.realscenery.com - Photorealistic pay-ware scenery for X-Plane.

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I have banned 'mickthebike'.

- User is a continual spoon-feeder. Shows no initiative.

- User never says thank you.

- User never contributes anything of value back to community.

- User is arrogant yet aware of laziness and continual reluctance to read the manuals to learn how to use the tools at hand.

It is my opinion that the user contributes nothing of value to the community while contributing much annoyance.


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Ha, loved the stylish boot- off of mtb! Hope never to be on the wrong end of ur posts ;) . Thankyou and yes, I have RTFM.

Another emerging link is:


I've made quite a few posts to spread the word in a heavily fsx dominated site, but the moderators are quite into xplane, so join me in sowing the seeds of growth in xp and addons. As soon as I see any meaty news/ vids for xp I post it there. Love this forum.  Simon W

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Cool thanks nicola, can u recommend any of the sceneries, say top 5? Will enjoy browsing these later! Also, I've seen an interesting Italian site - http://www.ilmioatelier.com/I%20miei%20X-PlanesEN.html.  - are these good? They look interesting historically at least. Add this to the thread guys, if u think it looks interesting too  (eurofighter, aermacchi) Ta, Simon

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Cool thanks nicola, can u recommend any of the sceneries, say top 5?

not now...we are completely rebuilding all the top sceneries with terrain under and refinements. we are also working on the major airports (Rome Fiumicino, Milan Malpensa, Milan Linate, Venice, Genova,) rebuilt from MSFS best italian sceneries of ISD projects (we got permissions), so 2010 will be probably the best year for our italian project

in that page, when you see a bid red dot with v2 inside means that it's been already released with terrain and refinements

Will enjoy browsing these later! Also, I've seen an interesting Italian site - http://www.ilmioatelier.com/I%20miei%20X-PlanesEN.html.  - are these good?

i can say, very good!!

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Hi Everyone, just letting you all  know that Chip and I have created a new xplane review and interview blog, as well as a home. & backround to my videos. Tom Kyler is the inaugural interviewee, providing some impressive answers to our probing and invasive questions :-)


I also thought it worth providing some other Xplane links I've been enjoying:

The fsbreak xplane discussion forum


Flightsimulator network xplane group, Chip and I have been major contributors and Goran has posted some good replies to member questions re. his projects


Simon ;)

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The spanish community of X-Plane. Forum and some freeware. Mainly, airports of Spain.

The forum has a small section for english speakers.

Hi all, as jvaldunciel said, you can add us for future new users. but I'd recomed this direct link to our sceneries


I'm planning to translate it to english and move it to our internetional (and unused) area.

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