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CTD after one minute


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Hi, I experimented with CTD in more than 10 attempts. So, it is not working. The SIM froze, and I never recovered it. I have a few plugins (XUIPC+, x camera, and Global Trafic). Some of the crachses were trying to imput an entry on the FMS. Another was when connecting to P2ATC via XUIPC (new version). It worked well before, I mean two weeks ago.  

Thank you. Any feedback will be appreciated. 


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In general, here is my recommended procedure to deal with X-Plane crashing or Device Loss Errors:

This is a guideline on how to cure your X-Plane problems of crashing or device loss errors:

1.) Make sure your operating system is in prime shape. No overclocking. Latest drivers. Default graphic settings (no esotheric Nvidia settings, etc.), no paranoid anti-virus, no "I got this on a cool reddit forum with Windows tips" stuff.

2.) Remove all third party content from your X-Plane installation. Physically move them somewhere else, disabling them in X-Plane is not enough. This includes plugins, aircraft, scenery.

3.) Fly a default aircraft for several hours. Let it go on autopilot if you don`t have the time, but fly a default aircraft in a default ("vanilla") simulator setup until it crashes or 6 hours are up, whatever comes first.

4.) If the simulator crashed or you suffer a device loss error, file a bug with Laminar Research (google X-Plane bug reporter). Wait for LR to fix the problem. You can now post here and let us know about your problem, maybe someone can spot something wrong with your system that you missed.

5.) If you completed the 6 hours with no problem, you can install your FIRST add-on. ONLY ONE! Fly it for 6 hours. If XP crashes or has a DLE, you have found the offending third-party item. Do not use it anymore. Contact the developer of said item to fix it.

6.) Add your NEXT  add-on. Repeat testing, discarding all add-ons that cause crashes or DLE´s.

Remember, there are no "must have" add-ons. There are only compatible or incompatible add-ons. It is the developer´s responsibility to make his add-on compatible or take it up with LR if the problem is not on his side.


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