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    Dear Jan: I am sorry but this plane is unusable now. First I want to say loud and clear that I love the IXEG software since day one. ! Being said that I will list the plugins I have: PluginAdmin = Enable Better Pushback Gizmo 64 SkyMaxx Pro TRaffic Global XPUIPC FJCC_x737_FMC = Disable Navigraph Simlink = Disable Flight Factor CefLoader DataRefEditor Ground Handling Mission Generator Simple FMC SkunCraft Updater Terrain Radar X-ATC Chatter Player X-RAAS projectFLY rpgGTN Airfoillabs Xjet GroundTraffic Aerosoft-EGCC GroundTraffic Aerosoft GCRR GroundTraffic Aerosoft KPHX From the list above, the only plugins I am running together with the IXEG are the highlighted ones on top of the list. The software continues CTD after few minutes. Also after last update. Sir, I repeat my self, it is incomprehensible that one have to disable more than half of the plugins in order to enjoy a new updated software in a new platform . I really want to believe this is something on my end and not a problem with the product. This issue does not happens with any other software. Thanks IPA
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    Thank you Jan; I really don't have "tons" of plugins. But, I will try it. Best Ivan
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    Thank you for your reply I am wondering now why is this happening with the IXEG and not with all other add ons? Do I have to close all plugins to run the IXEG? It is that normal ? Before, I mean in older version I did not have this problem. Sorry but if a new version came out one expect it to be better or no?
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    Hi: I don't know if this is the right place to post my concern. I am having CTD after loading the Aircraft in the SIM. The CTD only happens with the IXEG v1.3. I am running the last X-plane 11 beta version . attached is the log file just in case someone want to help me. Thank you very much Log.txt
  6. Hi: I wondering what caused that sounds like Alerts, Buttons, Dial, etc. stop working. I uninstall and install again but had no success. I have no cabin sounds. Any help? Thank you IPA
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