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Hey guys my name is Rick a.k.a. SimPilotRick.

I am currently building my version of a cockpit for my relaxation flying. I have 3-32 monitors and a flight yoke, throttle pack and switch panel. Come tomorrow my rudder pedals will be in, all Logitech.

I have both MSFS (latest version) and just recently purchased X-Plane 12.

I like X-plane 12 better with a few exceptions. It doesn't recognize my Logitech switch panel. I did download the latest software from their site. and I is so much more fun than MSFS I spend all my time in my studio flying...lol

MSFS recognizes the panel right away, as long as I fly a plane that utilizes it. but In X-Plane even if I fly a plane that should utilize it...it doesn't.

anyone else run into this problem?

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On 2/12/2024 at 5:12 PM, SimPilotRick said:

I have both MSFS (latest version) and just recently purchased X-Plane 12.

Hi Rick,
Welcome to the X-Plane community. While avoiding the debate over which sim is better, it is a common theme where people who genuinely give X-Plane a try tend to be super impressed with it. Even though I have no official affiliation with these forums, I invite you to use this resource for anything X-Plane flight simulation related. There's a wonderful and knowledgeable group of people here.
I use the Logitech radio panel and originally, as @Pils mention, used SPAD.nEXT to power it. Xsaitekpanels panels is a much simpler solution.


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