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Upgrade cost - simply dissapointed

159.90 USD

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As a long term IXEG user, since early days of release, XP11 has been practically the only Flight Sim I have been using, with IXEG being use 90% of that time.  Before that I've flown every sim since 1985, starting with DI Tomahawk, Tornado...up until XP11.

My life is hectic, my time on my PC is valuable, my working life is 60 hrs a week and my forum time is very limited.  I love this aircraft, nothing flies like it in XP, nothing comes close in MFSF, only DCS is on par, and I get fed up getting shot down in that all the time!

I follow the forum and saw the threads about the potential release, the last thread I actually read in detail was this one.


Back on February 7th, 2022, a little after Laminar Research announced X-Plane 12 was coming, we published on the IXEG 737 product page that purchasing customers would receive a free product update to the X-Plane 12 version. Per that statement, we are honoring this free update for customers who purchased the IXEG 737 on or after February 7th, 2022. For customers having purchased the IXEG 737 on or before February 6th, 2022, the upgrade will be a paid upgrade of $14.95 USD.

A $15 charge for the upgrade, simples, no rush then.

My XP12 was not in good shape, I didn't opt into Beta's, the optimization was pretty poor, the clouds were.....not great to say the least.  I waited till Cyber deals to get a new SSD, then spent some time getting my XP12 looking better with the help of an excellent FB group I joined,  i only watched the bugs thread, was pretty surprised by the amount and the severity (level 2 fail etc etc) and decided to wait for some patches and a calm period, then finally, 2 weeks ago I was ready for IXEG. I couldn't work out how to get the deal, I believe I posted a live chat to X-Aviation asking, but got no reply.  I couldn't find the ticket system, but found an email instead.  Then while waiting on the reply from the emaiI, I read the launch threads, and then read the info on the 60 day deal.

What can I say, extremely disappointed that this deal had a timer, which was never initially announced.  I don't know why there is a timer, or what X-Aviation hope to achieve with it (well, I do have an idea...and I fell for it). I messaged Cameron about it, and was not expecting any exception from the rules, and didn't get any, fair play to him, he sticks to the rules and treats everyone the same, so I say nothing negative against that.  

I have no idea what I am saying now, what I am trying to achieve.  85 bucks is a lot to some of us, add on the 70 from before and it's a very expensive aircraft for a Beta sim.  But what is it actually worth, well, flying this keeps my mental state intact in this crazy world.  But I just want to say that I don't agree with the 60 day deal. An unlimited deal would be better, and put the price up a bit.

Please, always give all details when the first price is announced (see thread above) as some idiots like me will never check for more details in future posts, or don't need emails to say it's released, I never buy software until after the first patches.  

See you in the skies.

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@Ian I know you well from the "old" times and I value your feedback and opinion!

In our defense I can only add that a lot of things were in flux and changing, and therefore we had to take back/amend some things we initially planned and announced.

I get it when you say that we initially said X but then later did X+Y... sometimes plans don´t survive contact with reality and have to be amended.

It is unfortunate that you did not receive the updated notice of the limited time frame and I can understand if you refrain from purchasing again - although I must say that I will miss your contribution and always great feedback on the forums.

Cheers, Jan

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1 hour ago, Iain said:

an, if you don't want a negative thread hanging around, you can delete it.

Nah, we don´t believe in streamlining the opinions on our forums or censorship (as long as people stay withing the framework of a civilized discussion that isn´t rated R).

Alles Gute, Jan

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