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Help Required MU-2: Can't find AP, YAW, GA, AP Disconnect (Yoke), TCS (Yoke) keyboard commands


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5 minutes ago, MarioTG said:

Good Day.

Should be a simple thing but couldn't find the key bindings joystick key bindings for TOGA's MU-2 for AP (Engage). YAW, GA (Throttle) and Yoke's AP Disconnect and TCS under xscenery\mu2b60

Help mostly appreciated


Might just be using the defaults?

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The TCS and AP Disco buttons are default....those buttons should animate/work with the XP commands.


There are no commands (sort of) for the GA button, YAW and AP Engage...but seems like their should be??  (I can't remember why I did not use commands atm)..... when you push these buttons with the mouse, it does call the following default XP commands...but checks for autopilot fuse states and the position of the ap turn knob first.


So you can bind to these default commands and they should work (but not animate the buttons).....and this also would bypass the fuse states and other safety checks the real Moo has.

I've made a note of this post for the next update.....I'll look to see if I can weave my control checks into these default command functionalities and make them commands for binding.  Thanks for pointing out.



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