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XP10 747-400


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Hello Javier!

I am really enjoying this airplane, it is spectacularly done. I only have one issue, with the autopilot dials for heading, speed, altitude, etc. They turn very slow so you have to do it several times and to set it at high altitudes is just a nightmare. I was wondering if this could be fixed?

Many thanks!!! :)

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Hi Karingka.

The manipulation of those knobs depend of how near you are to those knobs. Put the camera more far from them.. (I recomend to put a fov of 75º in rendering settings.. By default is 60º) so you will be able to rotate the knobs more.. so much less steps to put the desired number.

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Well, if you could pass the word (hint, hint)...

Where are the paint files gone I used to place (a none empty 747-400 United_paint.png file)? Are the purple _nml.png UV textures?

They are inside of the objects folder within the 747 aircraft folder. The purple textures are called normal maps. I think there's a few topics on them here either in the aircraft dev forum or the 3D shop section if you'd like to read a little more about them! :)

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Ah, you got me, thanks. Me sits on my brains - got a cold... Never saw .dds files before or read about them, OS shows no icon - no wonder, MS stuff.

Been looking, but came up empty: What program would you recommend for _just_ painting a .dds livery on Mac OS? Only Gimp a possibility?

Is converting .dds forth and back preserving all layers?

Guess Blender would be overkill...

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Hi Javier

Well I now have a lot of long hauls to look forward too..thanks for the great work, coupla questions.

1) can you switch the center EICAS display to fuel monitoring and if so where?

2) can you open the doors and how?

3) can you use the UFMC by the other Javier (Cortes)

A paint kit would be a great help if possible on getting the liveries ready for XP10.

The best manual you recommend to fly this version, most B744's are pretty basic (XPFW) so now we have to step up a level/s

thanks and a big admirer of your work and the really fun videos

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This 747 is a simple one, so it miss lots of things. One is the monitoring of fuel. You can see the remaining fuel in the main eicas page, but simple one. Because the file is open, someone can add new features, like a more complete fmc.

To open the cabin doors go to the cabin with the camera and click over the doors.

Paintkit will be released in next update.

Ufmc.... that is something to ask to Javier Cortes. Would be nice!

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you have to read the cold&dark procedures txt file included... But here you can see a resume:


1. Switch Battery on (open Battery guard first ;) ) (Left Overhead)

2. Avionics on (STANDBY POWER to AUTO) (Left Overhead)

3. APU to START (maintain over START 1 second) (Left Overhead)

4. after a few seconds AVail light over EXT GEN 1 & 2 will be illuminated

5. 4 bus tie to AUTO (LEFT OVERHEAD)

6. Press EXT GEN 1 or EXT GEN 2 (APU GEN) (Left Overhead)

7. GEN CONT to on (the 4 buttons) it will change to ON but still OFF illuminated because not engines running (LEFT OVERHEAD)


9. IRS TO NAVE (3 OF THEM) now it will start IRS aling. 1minute and a half to show PFD correctly.

10. Fuel pumps ON (central Overhead)

11. APU Engine Bleed (Right Overhead) it will show ON and valve on orange.

12. 4 engines fuel cutoff shitches to RUN Position (thrust command panel)

13. Beacon On (right overhead)

14. Pull engine 4 switch on start panel (overhead). And the rest of engines.

15. Once the engines are on, we will see how the OFF light on engine generators disappears.

16. Turn off APU gen.

18. Switch off APU.

we can Taxi and fly.

You have to make in order, because there is logic inside the prodedure, so if you miss a step, you won't be able to continue.

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I also enjoy the new 747 a lot, thanks for some nice work! Owning the CRJ, I know that the 747 is rather simple as far as system depth is concerned, but that is ok.

Besides the questions already asked:

1. Is there no OBS knob? I just can't find one, but think that this is a must be in an ac.

2. The switching from IAS to Mach on the speed knob does not display the correct Mach value of selected speed. I was on FL350 at Mach 0.82, as shown by the Mach number on the speed tape, but the Mach number next to the knob had to be dialed to Mach 0.41. Something is mixed up here.

3. I have climbed a few time using FLCH to FL350 and the ac keeps climbing even higher, very slowly, but it does not hold the dialed in altitude. Is this a bug or maby even a limitation of the demo? I am still using X-Plane demo version. Also when just descending from FL70 to 3000 feet, all on AP, it would go only to 3600 feet and stay there. When I tried manually to set vs again to reach 3000, the AP went completely nuts and started giving TOGA throttle and climb like crazy.



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I can't believe that no one has mentioned it yet because it drives me nuts, but all the dials are backwards. When your altitude is climbing the higher numbers should not be rotating upward. Same thing with the autopilot controls. Higher numbers are coming from the bottom. they should come from the top.

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So this may be an incredibly stupid question, but I'm confused about how to work the autopilot. I was just playing with the plane for the first time yesterday but I can't seem to get the flight director to actually be on auto. It turns on and puts the purple lines of where the plane should be but it won't follow them itself, I still have to manually fly it. Am I doing something wrong?

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About #1, there is a third FMC behind throttles. Press RAD/NAV and you can type in the scratchpad the OBS setting you want. That you put it at the 3LK.

Firstly, thank you to this guy ^^ It was driving me insane trying ILS approaches in the B744. So thank you for that observational instruction.

Secondly, this might go out to JRollon. How do we control Cabin Altitude?? I keep getting blackout in flight. :P

Is this version of the B744 just basic enough that I have to switch off the hypoxia in the Rendering settings to combat this? Or am I doing something totally wrong?

That should introduce an med/advance version of the B744, now the XPlane 10 is in full swing.


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