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  1. Yes! Your right, it has come back on now without Winglets activated. Obviously a known bug then? Is the sound a known issue too Ben? Thanks for the quick follow up. Tedd
  2. Hi guys appreciate the constant upkeep on this product. However, after the latest patching, I have lost use of logo light on the ACF. As well as the callouts on descent or when I conduct a systems test are very inaudible, pretty much none existent whilst airborne due to cabin noise and airflow on the outside of the ACF. I am a bit lost with it, as I have tried turning up all my sounds, relevant to the cabin noises, nothing. This has me scratching my head a bit. Is anyone else getting this? Let me know. Tedd
  3. Hey when attempting to download this, all I am getting is the picture (.jpeg)? Not the object files.
  4. Mate! I have only been following this recently, but must say this looks fantastic! I see you have also incorporated the work of George Keogh to be entered in the new scenery drops! This will make flying the islands a massive gain in X Plane, appreciate your self-taught ways. Just so I read this correctly, you have recently updated us with the addition of: Niihau, Kauai and Lehua. Where do we download the three options to add this to Lanai, Kahoolawe and Molokai? Cheers. Tedd
  5. This will be a definite addition to making XPlane the 'game changer' in flight simming. This teams tireless effort for 100% perfection is absolutely admirable. With the way its looking, surely its only a few more months/weeks/days/minutes/seconds from release. As many have said, I also cannot wait for this bad-boy. Bring it on IXEG crew!
  6. OMDB - WMKK | Somewhere over the Indian Ocean, at first light
  7. Ohhhhh SNAP! How do they get their satellite imagery so good? I use Sim Heavens. Its nice, but very inconsistent. Well done ISDG.
  8. "Chris K says:October 7, 2014 at 6:26 amFWIW, We have a new YMML in the works – completely redone from ‘first principles’ with new taxiways and such — so hopefully any self-intersecting beziers and/or inheriting bad taxiway data from the original apt.dat will simply ‘disappear in a puff of logic’ when we push the final out. Andras is working on a new HDMesh for OZLand, so it’s a good time to get this continent all fixed up in prep =)" This was in Ben's Blog the other day, hopefully not too long away!
  9. As an avid X Plane user I could not resist adding my two cents: I find it strange that people who contribute tirelessly at trying to make X Plane better, being put under a constant barrage of comments about how they haven't 'raised the bar' enough from persons whom I never see any further contribution from nor any real constructive criticism. This team puts their tireless efforts into their work, some of it being: "ahead of the pack", "working in unchartered waters", "pushing the void", etc, etc.... There is a very thin line between constructive criticism and being down right rude and obnoxious and in particular you should be careful when you are going to comment about a person's livelihood on open forums. I would encourage you to rather present your case in a more professional manner (ie. an email to the designers, expressing your disappointment with some of your own design suggestions), rather then spraying it on the internet. Because Tom you may think that you're being funny, witty, above them, informative, smart, intellectual, whatever. You should really be beside them, assisting them, bettering them with positive reinforcement, doing your bit to help them. I hope you read between the lines of this post. Because if you don't, just uninstall SMP, uninstall X Plane, turn off your PC/MAC and go outside and do something positive then just smash someones hard work. For all you know you will be a better person anyway. @ Sky Max Pro Team, keep pushing the void, being ahead of the pack in X Plane. You guys are awesome at what you are attempting to achieve. Peace!
  10. Yeah the new update is excellent. The shadows are a ripper! Well done lads keep up the work. Teddit
  11. Hi I am both a avid fan of these 2 ACF developments and purchased them both from .org store. My question to those that have DL the updates. Does anyone have issues with the DL rate from the .org Store? I have tried DL the B757 4 times for it to trickle out to a max of 4 hours?? Started to get the same for the T7, with it taking 2 hours? Now I am in Australia, so I know our internet is back in 1996, but I haven't any throttle issues with my ISP, nor do I have issues with my internet cause I have no problem DL from other providers. Has anyone is Australia been hampered by this? Am I the only one? Cheers for any guidance Xplane Amigos. Teddit
  12. "Final flight preparation, before the long-haul" ROUTE: CYVR - VHHH ACF: A330-243RR Livery: MAS Kargo (VJets, awesome painter!)
  13. "Monday Mail Run" Flights out of CYVR, up Johnston Straight. ACF: Grand Caravan C208B Super Cargo Master No special effects, just the Carenado Purchase ACF. Enjoy!
  14. Hi Lads, Yes as the kind words and 'link' passed on from Chris K, editing your .ini file has seem to remove the clash. So for example, you can see for ini file below. Still though its a bit pooh that we have to go in an edit the file via OE to add exclusions, then shift to the top of the .ini file. I have mad OCD and like my names of my airport respective of the ICAO code. This throws it all out the window. Teddit
  15. Hi Mario, You have brought up a very good point. One I didn't think about, will have a play with OE and WED and see what comes of it. Thank you for providing me a way out of this, can be a little frustrating. Will post WIP for those that care. Teddit
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