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Demo X-Plane 10


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Just wondering If anyone has an explanation for the following . I have one copy of Xplane10 demo located in the programs86 folder in windows 7 64 On a seperate drive I have placed a copy of it in the first partition . This is the only Item on that partiition . I also have no Page file on this drive . I would think that being an exact copy that the frame rates would be the same but they are lower on the second drive . Does Xplane10 run better when located in the programs file ?

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Just discovered something reguarding My above post . I have have found other programs that recomend that they be installed outside the Program Files (x86) file to fix problems I have also found that with an amateur radio program I use Called echo link had audio problems untill I moved it to the Program Files (x86) file . It would seem that windows7 64 uses the Program Files (x86) file to run 32bit programs properly . So I decided to make a file on the second drive and call it Program Files (x86) and move Xplane 10 demo into it and now my frame rates are the same on both copies . If you are running Xplane 10 or Xplane on a seperate Drive try this and see if it works for you . Here is a link that explanes this: http://www.samlogic.net/articles/32-64-bit-windows-folder-x86-syswow64.htm

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