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In-Flight Engine Failures Traced to using X-Plane Flight Model Speed Change


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Hi folks,

Something to add to the whiteboard for when you start the TBM900 / XP12 update.

For a while I've been plagued with seemingly random in-flight engine failures despite the engine being new or correctly maintained and being operated well within limits. 

I've traced this with 100% certainty to when using Ctrl + T to speed up simulator time (so I can have the speed of a jet whilst retaining the sim experience of a superb model and the ability to operate from short fields). I've been monitoring the Turbine wear DataRef ... it increments slowly as expected (even when at increased sim time) (I estimate several months of flying before a failure occurs) and then at some point - WAM - it's at 1.0 - engine is on fire - and I'm going down. Sometimes after only a few hours on a new engine - sometimes after a few days.

This has happened a dozen+ times now and every single time it's when I've been at an elevated sim speed. In contrast, now that I've restricted myself to time 1.0, I haven't had a single failure.

Would be absolutely superb if this little bug could be addressed when you do the update - it would make a HUGE difference for me.

Many thanks,



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