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Hawker fleet project


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The amount of work and detail going into this will be very high.  So this will be payware.

But we'll try and keep it in direct comparison to the other payware add ons in the X Plane market.

We will, however, release some Planemaker versions as freeware with custom panels and high quality repaints.


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When a person works on blender so much, that he gets screen burn from the blender interface, he has to be able to model that good.

A small update.  While Jason works on the object version of the 800XP, I've started working on the flight model.  It'll be done by tomorrow.  Then I'll return to the 4000 and whatever Jason doesn't finish on the 800, I'll jump in and help so we can get it out.

And also we have another person jumping on board with us to help with texturing.  

OlaHaldor is a genius with render baking and texturing.  So he will be working with Theo to bring us a very high quality addition to our projects.

I've also re done my landing gear for the 4000.

Below are screenshots showing Olahaldors work and my landing gear.

The reflection, unfortunately, cannot be rendered in X Plane.  But we'll definitely be making some top quality textures and releasing repaint templates.




Some more news will be coming soon but I will mention that in due time.


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Screens look outstanding! Well done. I just wanted to make sure that if you used "materials" from blender to create the second screen, that you knew XP does not support blender materials...fyi!...Unless I've completely missed something.


Thanks Nick.  

I mostly just add color to see how it would actually look.  As I'm new to Blender, I wasn't sure if the colors get imported into X Plane.


X Plane CAN import Blender rendered objects.  Just tried it.  Works great

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The Obj exporter to x-plane supports materials, but you cant export the Ray mirrors and transparances (yet:( ).

The 787 is sitting on my HDD without the 3d cockpit. I ran out of info. Its pretty much all wraped up besides animations, and the daunting task of PROGRAMING! ;):P

Well, sounds like fun!  :)

Maybe we'll just have to wait until that dang real one actually flies!

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Front landing gear wheels and struts have been re modelled.  Wheel is resized and strut is lengthened.



Drinks and refreshments, anyone?

This will be in both bizjets that are being made.  Albeit, slightly different, so they represent their own individual aircraft galleys.



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Hawker 4000 Cabin Layout, completed.  No render.


There is still some heavy fps testing to be done on both of these.  They are poly heavy (obviously).  My 4000 is currently at just under 400 000 polys.  But better to add objects now and then cut them back if needed, than to add them gradually as we test.

My budget is 500 000 polys. 


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As you guys know, the forums suffered a small setback that Cameron has now fixed.

As a result, some posts were lost as were screenshots.

But never fear!  Here they are again.  As well as some other new ones.  Lighting is a WIP.

Also, Theo has started work on the textures.  The colors that are shown here are experimental.  




Also, a grab of Jasons cabin with lighting.  



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Just to keep you all posted on the progress.  We are developing at an incredibly fast rate.  The Hawker 4000 is very near completed on the modelling side of things.  I originally wanted to finish modelling 2 weeks ago and have the texture maps done for Theo to work on, but other details have presented themselves and I added them into the 3D model.

THAT is almost done and Theo has begun texturing some parts that are actually completed.  I've seen the textures he has compiled and they look great.

There are a few issues to resolve but they have been expected and should be eliminated without too much fuss.

Jason has just about finished the Hawker 800XP (in a matter of weeks!  Am I that much of a Slavedriver???).  I have seen it and it looks awesome.  There are still a few things to fix or modify, but they are few and far between and it should be ready for texturing very, very soon. 

Ultimately, we would rather release a fully working, high quality aircraft with little or no bugs in a couple of months than a buggy, poorly textured model in a matter of weeks.

We will have more screenshots very soon of both aircraft.



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Pricing is still being determined.  We do have a passion for this (modelling, simming and flying) and we want to be fair to our customers, so we will think about different things we can do to benefit everybody.

Nothing is set in stone yet but we'll discuss things in the future and decide how we can proceed with package discounts.


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