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Getting rid of the fuel truck...


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Yes, true, but what happens if there is no paper (as in, no fuel).

I think it would be good since we have a feature to call the truck, to also have a feature to send it back (as is the case with the electrical and air carts).

The truck goes poof right now once you start moving the aircraft, which is good, but not very realistic.

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Good question! 
There are two scenarios I am thinking of:

(1)  Have you ever asked for something that it turns out you didn't need, say when you're learning a new aircraft :)
(2) The truck sits there while the driver is on a 15 minute break, and I can't call him to get out of the way because we need to get going and my high falutin paying passengers are anxious, not to mention, always right (so my boss tells me).

I think if there is a way to call and send services back for all other services electrical carts, air units, it is logical to me that the fuel truck would have this option, if but to be consistent.  These things may not be needed either.  
I haven't looked if there's a command to send the truck back - there is likely one under the hood and I'll be happy with that.


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