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If you prefer your Challenger 650 screenies with pilots.


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Quick mod of the Q4xp pilot mod for external views thats available on the org that will gives us pilots in the external view of the 650.

Follow the instructions in the mod with the exception of the positions listed below.

Use these positions instead and all of a sudden you will have pilots in your Challenger not a drone.

External screenshots are massively lacking with a vacant cockpit this fixes that.

The original mod


650 position data

Challenger positions.

00964      00000      00015  Aircraft reference 1800


All views

No prefill


No more empty cockpits.

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It really works, great! Depending on the Computer screen resolution, the last digit where you have to enter the position "00015" may not be visible as Planemaker appears somewhat distorted on the screen (it was so on my Mac M1 Max Powerbook), I just clicked 5 times the upper arrow (to produce a 5) and it worked fine. Now, I have a real plane, not stupid drone!

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Can anyone that has this working upload a screen shot of

how their setting are in planemaker?

Would be a fantastic help.

Does this work in XP12????

I've done what the information here said to do...... but no pilots.....

Cheers and Blue Skies to ya......


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