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Engine start in the air

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You have now made numerous posts with one line sentences, nothing to backup any of what you're saying, or any steps you're taking.


You have tried to argue with a 10 year 737CL captain that you know better on another issue.

You need to be very descriptive, show videos, show screenshots, explain EVERYTHING.

You are going to be placed on a 10 hour posting ban to cool off and re-gather your thoughts now. Come back here with details. They matter.

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To expand further on what Cameron wrote:

We know and don´t claim that our 737 is perfect. Any model of an aircraft for a flightsimulator offered on PC will have limitations.

I am also happy to discuss these things, but if a user writes "windmilling start not working" - all I can write is "windmilling start works", and that is not a productive discussion.

I would suggest that you make a list of the things you think that are "bugs" - including steps of what you are doing. You need to "back up" your claims with an exact description of what you are doing (steps, pictures, video), otherwise we can not verify what you are reporting, nor can we find out why things don´t work for you.

Our aircraft has been sold for several years to thousands of users, and you are the first one to find out that "PFD and HSI are blank if changing from outside view to inside view"? Don´t you think there is a chance that there is something wrong on your end?

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I just tried and it works fine on my end. Make sure that you don´t "fail" with the engine or have a fire in it with the X-Plane failure menu, this will disable the engine and it will not relight.

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39 minutes ago, B737 said:

Will check, thank you :)

Also make sure that your N2 is above a minimum value... I think like 15% or so. Otherwise there will not be enough airflow and you can get a hotstart. 260kts may not be enough, the non-normal checklist asks for 275kts above FL270 and 300kts below FL270.

For some reason X-Plane expects the thrust lever to be at "idle" during an engine start, so if the engine fails to start, make sure the respective thrust lever is in the idle position.

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