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I'm having a similar problem with Saitek throttle levers. Have 2 levers mapped to power levers 1 & 2. When I start a flight, I can ground idle, beta and reverse. Once flying, the levers stop at flight idle - as they should. BUT on landing, all 3 wheels on the ground, can't go down below flight idle, which is rubbish for slowing on the runway or taxiing. Anyone help?

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NOTES:  (Power Lever Auto-Latch / Flight Idle Stop)

We have partially implemented the Saab Flight Idle Stop System. The logic for the system is complete. The annunciator is not modeled. The Override Knob is not modeled.

This new feature should provide much better functionality during the landing phase.   

This feature provides an automated "safety stop", which prevents inadvertent movement of the Power Levers below flight idle when in flight. This is separate from the Power Lever Latch. 
As a part of this new feature we have redesigned how you use the Power Lever Latches. You now have two options:

Use the Power Lever Latches exactly the way they are used in the real world Saab.

Have the Power Lever Latches "automated" in sync with the above described new Flight Idle Stop feature.

If you choose to NOT use the Auto-Latch then you will need to manually engage the latches on the Power Levers in order to move them below the Flight Idle position. You will only be able to do this when the Flight Idle Stop is Open

If you choose to use the Automated-Latch then you will not need to use the latches at all, they will be automated in sync with the Flight Idle Stop.  Just remember, this does not eliminate the Flight Idle Gate, you will still need to wait for the Flight Idle Stop to open in order to move your levers below the Flight Idle position.

You can choose which option you want to use in the User Preferences Window. When you load v1.6.4 the option should be set to "unchecked", which means you want to use the latches as they work in the real world Saab. If you want this to be automated you will need to check the option for "Use PL Auto Latch".

In addition, all other preferences will be reset when you install v1.6.4 and you will need to set them accordingly.

The red line for the Power Levers, visible in the TQ viewer, now indicates the status of the Flight Idle Stop. In v2.0 you will be able to see the status of the Flight Idle Stop as an annunciator on the FSP.

You will still need to keep your hardware in sync with the cockpit manipulators.


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Thanks very much for the post! I feel like an idiot, as I've just figured this out with the 'SAAB User Preferences' pop-up. Much appreciated. Consider me educated! And so in love with flying this plane!

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