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  1. Thanks very much for the post! I feel like an idiot, as I've just figured this out with the 'SAAB User Preferences' pop-up. Much appreciated. Consider me educated! And so in love with flying this plane!
  2. I'm having a similar problem with Saitek throttle levers. Have 2 levers mapped to power levers 1 & 2. When I start a flight, I can ground idle, beta and reverse. Once flying, the levers stop at flight idle - as they should. BUT on landing, all 3 wheels on the ground, can't go down below flight idle, which is rubbish for slowing on the runway or taxiing. Anyone help?
  3. Well, you are absolutely right about me having an AMD GPU with Vulkan renderer! Thanks for letting me know. Sometimes it's just a system limitation, but we don't know until we ask those with experience. Strangely, since I posted, all seems fine, but it was really troublesome before... It's probably one of those things which are intermittent. Possibly happens if I change flight/aircraft without shutting down and relaunching XP? I'll send you a log file if need be. Thanks for your help and swift response! Wilco
  4. Hi Folks. I have the latest version of the piston Islander and recently the displays on the avionics are flickering. Like fine for 5secs then a quick off and back on again, sometimes 2 or 3 times in a row. That's all the radios and AP, but not the GPS. I notice that AviTab also does it in sync. All works fine, it's just annoying and distracting. Doesn't happen on other aircraft. Anyone have any ideas/had a similar problem? Thanks, Dave
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