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  1. Roger that, they are. I'll experiment with that plugin. Thanks again.
  2. JGregory, The 1.6.4 update fixed all my problems. Congratulations and many thanks to all of you for great product support. The only nit I now have to pick is the external sound seems subdued, and I have both the a/c external sound and x-plane sound maxed. Internally it sounds great. Years ago I flew turboprops (twin otters, king airs, volpars) and this is the way I remember them. Super job. MJR, After further messing around I discovered the throttle display, and I bet I was doing exactly as you said. I had a feeling then that I was missing something. All is well now.
  3. Okay, I'll wait for the next update. If it comes to describing what's happening I'll try, but just thinking about that and I realize how difficult that would be--many things are happening at once. I have a flight paused now with the unresponsive hardware throttle problem, so I'll get back in the cockpit and try to note exactly what is happening. If I figure anything out I'll let you know. Thanks.
  4. I just read thru all the previous posts about throttle problems, and previously I searched thru the Manual. I have had similar problems with the throttles as described in some of the posts i.e. runaway throttles, hardware throttles become unattached to a/c throttles, etc. The reason I am (gently) revisiting this subject is because I didn't read any solution. Did I miss something (there were a lot of posts) or is there no solution currently. I believe I have the latest version of the sim having just purchased it a few days ago, 1.6.3. Thanks for any help. Jimbo
  5. Is the forum on this website the only place to get notifications of aircraft updates? Does LES send emails about updates to registered members/owners?
  6. I have a button on my Thrustmaster pro mapped for reverse thrust. Works fine on my other X PLane a/c but not on the Saab. How are you all managing it? Mapping a key or what? Thanks much.
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