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Issue with Engine Oscillation SR22 G1000 After Take Off


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I have an issue to keep the engine stable after the take off on SR22 G1000 (V1.1.1)
The RPM floats a lot, up and down. I can lean the mixture, that helps a little, but still not working properly. I cannot get the full power.
Before load the aircraft for the simulation, I reset the failures, uncheck the box, but doesn't help at all. 
Anybody in the forum had the similar problem? I Attached a X Plane 11 log txt file, if someone could help me, I will be thankful. 


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The engine fluctuations are either caused by:

  • Engine damage - perform engine maintenance, fuel system maintenance, and change oil via the SR22 maintenance window
  • Corrupted state file induced by previous crash of X-Plane - you can delete the state/record files in X-Plane 11/Output/SR22
  • Complete CPU saturation, the engine model needs to run at a fixed rate, if the computer can't provide the CPU usage, stutters and fluctuations can occur. This is relatively easy to diagnose, open Task Manager while flying and see if the CPU is at or very close to 100% usage.
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Thank you Coop for this answer
Indeed, the CPU is well stressed. I am using a laptop that is now a few years old, so there is no possibility to change anything...
You advise me to change the oil, which I had already done.
As for the engine maintenance, I've been trying it since the beginning, but I don't have the impression that it changes anything. I press the buttons but I don't see any change, I can't get to a menu or anything. In output SR 22, I have these messages: "To be performed: engine entries", "disassembled engine core and complied with manufactured overhaul inspection", "system entries", replaced fuel filter element system entries". So I should be able to change something with these maintenance keys...
Maybe a tip for me? ....
I like this plane so much that I would like to make it work.
Kind regards.


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On fully saturated systems, reducing the CPU load is the best course of action, which can be done through a variety of methods

  • Reducing X-Plane rendering settings
  • Making sure you aren't running other applications at the same time as X-Plane (especially Google Chrome and other browsers)
  • Remove/disable unneeded plugins
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