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  1. Congratulations on this magnificent achievement. I was already a fan of the TBM 900, so here... My old PC unfortunately had trouble running with it, so I can forget about this Challenger. First save up for a new bike, then save up to buy it. At least, the youthful defects will have been corrected... Good flights to all ! Daniel
  2. Hello to all A problem with all my X-Aviation planes: For some time now, I am asked for my license and password, so far, nothing wrong. But then they ask me to name and authorize this machine (ex TBM 900 or SR 22T...). I execute and there, I am asked to select a machine to de-authorize it. I choose randomly and there, I am asked "type freeze to agree". I don't know what to do at this moment. If I uncheck this message, I come back to the starting point (license). It's annoying when my planes have validated keys. What can I do to stop getting these messages? Thank you in adva
  3. Thank you Coop for this answer Indeed, the CPU is well stressed. I am using a laptop that is now a few years old, so there is no possibility to change anything... You advise me to change the oil, which I had already done. As for the engine maintenance, I've been trying it since the beginning, but I don't have the impression that it changes anything. I press the buttons but I don't see any change, I can't get to a menu or anything. In output SR 22, I have these messages: "To be performed: engine entries", "disassembled engine core and complied with manufactured overhaul inspection", "syst
  4. I have the same problem, need help please ! Thanks. Daniel
  5. Hello,I need your advice: I acquired your Cirrus SR22T G1000 beautifully modeled, but with which I encounter major problems of use. I agree it is sharp, the engine settings are remarkably reproduced...I follow the tutorial recommendations of the excellent "Reflected Reality Simulations" to the letter, but I have never been able to make a flight without problems.Like him, I go up to 2700 rpm but I can't hold it without important variations of the rpm.In cruise, idem I set it at 2500, I play with the fuel flow, it holds a little, more or less long to find this "vroom, vroom" of the rpm oscillati
  6. Hello It seems to me that i have the current version ?!?...
  7. Hi I've updated the graphic cards and i re-loaded the aircraft. Every thing is OK, except the "famous" (obstacle expires 17 mars 2020). Curious... Great job Goran, THANK YOU !!! Log.txt
  8. ok, i'll do that. Greats thanks !
  9. Cross fingers... Any way, thank you for trying. Log.txt
  10. Hi, i hope that the good text !?... Thank you. TBM900_Log.txt
  11. Sorry, i don't use 3rd party scenery. Nothing was changed. It works monday and suddenly, not tuesday...
  12. Sorry, i don't understand, but thanks for your answer !
  13. Hello I have some problems with my TBM 900 : On the screen of the Pfd, i have the landscape with the SVS, but not the runway. This problem came suddenly… The G 1000 shows at the line « obstacle » : expires 17-03-2020 I have the latest version (1.1.12) Other problem, the indicators yellow and magenta of the FD (position of the plane) flashes continuously, een XPlane in mode Pause !?... Can you do something for me ? Thanks ! (excuse my English, i’m a froggy…)
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