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Hello guys, all good with the saab and the updates but for some reason even selecting the tiller option the aircraft will not yaw during taxi, just go straight, I have a joystick and a yoke, for all my aircrafts the yaw axis on the yoke I use it as tiller but for some reason is not working on the saab, I have all the updates, assigned a profile, etc etc and nothing, any ideas what can I do? also choose use tiller yes and no and same thing in the options menu, please help, thanks. Havent been able to do any flights because of that.

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2 hours ago, N1K said:

Clicked on the tiller to push it down and engage nosewheel steering?

I have the same setup and use a joystick button mapped to the les Command to depress the tiller and it works like a charm.  

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Also check you joystick/key mappings. For some reason i had x-planes "toggle nosewheel steering" bound by default without noticing it. by inadvertently toggling it x-plane completely overwrote and disabled the steering.

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