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Crashing XP with Out of Memory Errors


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Just bought and installed the plane this morning.  I have yet to get it off the ground.  Getting constant XP crashes, mostly with "out of memory", or computer freezes and requires hard reboot.  It ONLY happens on this plane.  Even removed gizmo to verify not that. FPS is showing 35 (most my payware is 35-45).  I have not even been able to attempt a engine start much less fly the plane.  Even looking around causes crashes.

Any help would be more than welcome, since a refund seems to be "unavailable".

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MY GOD!  1.2G of files in Objects?  Are you kidding me!!!  Largest other plane I have was under 500M (0.5G).  Well, I guess I know why it crashes now. 

I have 8G of memory on both board and video and and I have to turn my graphics to "crap" to get it to run.  I run max textures and high settings on all other planes, payware included.


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OK.  Been trying it.  Still can't get it off the ground...because I can't get switches and things to work.  Nothing seems to be mapped to XP commands/datarefs so it's all mouse clicking...which doesn't seem to work correctly in places.  For example the magnetos switch makes no sense and I can't get it on "both".  And the blasted thing starts "shaking" for whatever reason and I don't know why.  It looks like I have to learn what a cranky POS it is.  I'm sure this is realistic...  but I regret buying this plane and I sure won't be flying it much (if ever)....nor recommending it...ever.

Have a nice day.

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@garyhNot having the horsepower to effectively run the PT19 is one thing.  And I think that can be addressed.  However, not spending any real time figuring out how the various levers, switches and dials work is quite another.  This model is not one you jump into and go fly somewhere.  The entire preflight thing is a work of art.  Enjoy it or don't but please do not rant about your inability to do so.  If you would just take a breath and learn the model you would be much happier.  And if I understand correctly, you are simply lacking in RAM.  Not a big issue these days.  Purchase more.  It's cheap.  Relatively speaking.  Post a log.txt file.  Perhaps there is something more going on.

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Hey @garyh!
First of all: I'm sorry you feel this way! I've been working on object optimization for the PT-19 for the next 1.0.3 update, among other features. Even though it is a small aircraft; it's level of detail and textures can easily become "too much" for some systems.

While that update isn't out yet, i want to suggest a few things that you can try!

- Switch to Vulkan! Vulkan is the alternative to OpenGL (X-Plane's "Graphics" tab), and the PT-19 is compatible with it! It greatly reduces the amount of VRam that X-Plane uses, and is a true game-changer! If you haven't tried Vulkan yet, then please give it a try.

 - Double check plugins and scenery. Demanding simulation-rich aircraft demand more resources than usual, so flying with a lot of scenery and other plugins/addons may be just the combination for disaster. More often than not, all those addons and plugins (some even out-of-date) can cause performance hiccups.

And don't remove Gizmo. Gizmo is essential and the aircraft simply won't work without it, as it powers all the custom systems.

As oldflyguy said, taking a look at your "log.txt" file (located on X-Plane's root folder) can be extremely helpful, so feel free to send yours; i'll take a closer look!

I hope this response helps you somehow, please don't hesitate to reply to it. It is true that the model is very detailed and, even by checking all the automatic options on the menu, operating it without properly reading the including manuals can be very frustrating (like the real aircraft).


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