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Parking brake


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- I can't seem to be able to rotate the parking brake handle after pulling it back, it only moves forward and back. Both in front and back cockpit

- On most planes, the parking brake lever is linked to the 'apply max brakes toggle'. Would it be possible to implement that here for easy operation?

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I also can't seem to see quite what the parking brake actually does - if it is, indeed, a parking brake.  The slider with, "emer brake" written on it, seems to move the toe brakes, but is not linked to either the "v" or "b" key commands - and I seem to need to use those.   My toe brakes (or the keys I allotted to them) work perfectly as differential brakes or just for stopping!

The control lock does work, but the joystick can still waggle the control stick completely out of the red "stop", but then  it jumps back into the stop.  You can see the ailerons and elevators waggle and snap back to neutral!  A bit odd, but not a disaster!

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Not to distract from the report, the slider itself does work, but you do have to move it manually, and it will act as a parking brake then.
It just doesn't move exactly like the real thing, and isn't linked to the 'v' key used for the parking brake in 99% of the models.

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Hey ph-kim! Just seen your threads and rest assured i'll assess all of them shortly :)
Chocks, Jacks, Individual Toe-brakes and the parking brake handle are all at play when the subject is keeping the aircraft from moving.
For this reason, since manuals state that the parking brake interacts directly with the toe brakes through the master cylinder, i decided to simulate this mechanical link they have. X-plane's default parking brake system is a bit wonky at best, and i did experiment using it with the parking brake lever. The thing is, if a user has the "Apply regular brakes" command issued, then what X-plane does instead is say "Oh this person wants to brake, just apply 0.2 parking brakes on it, then", and the whole parking brake lever would move, which is extremely annoying (and also incorrect). Now, from the tests we ran, you can STILL use "b" and "v" keys (default mapping) in order to use those X-Plane systems. Other systems that are designed to keep the aircraft stopped in the PT-19 make use of them. About the detent: I did run into some animation issues when trying to implement this feature, that is why it shipped as-is; but i'm working on a way to get this detent right.
As for the control lock: That suggestion you offered is exactly how i'm tackling this! Should not be a problem for the next update :)

Thanks guys for your input, me and others surely appreciate it.

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Thanks for the explanation on how you wanted to simulate the braking system.  It is a bit awkward trying to slide the lever, when (quite often) it is not in sight - but now I know how things work, I'll set up a view.  Also, to be frank, it's no big deal to accept using "v" to stop the plane from running away!

I agree that it's better to show how things actually were/are, and not allow "v" or "b" to incorrectly move the lever.  Once one understands the logic, it's fine.  Your manual did not address brakes - well, not that I could see.

At the end of the day, we use brakes when taxiing, or to get off a runway, so they have no effect on the enjoyment of flying.


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