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Yes, I know the originals didn't have any electrics, and it's fine to fly without them in the "country" areas.

I'd love to fly VFR in PilotEdge, so would need a radio and transponder.  Nordo in Socal is not a good idea........

 I note the restored plane, seen in a few YouTube videos, has had a retro fit of some old radios, etc. - and even a starter!  I don't care about the starter, as it's fun doing it the original way, but it would be nice to be able to have an option to "fit" a battery, alternator (or generator) and a basic comms radio and transponder.  All of this to be as a clickable option  - i.e. you load up in the default non-electric way, but just have the option to "modernise" it a bit:)

Thanks for a wonderful plane.

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Actually, I guess to really make it legal, you also would need an ELT.   A landing light would be good, and anti-collision light (although, as this built before 1996, you could get away with not having one!).  If you are flying around farmland, away from major areas, you don't need ADS-B either.

This plane is such fun to fly and manage.  Without any extras, I guess I can be happy pretending it's 1940, and fly around the countryside :D

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Hey folks! I knew you online pilots out there would ask for some kind of transponder / radio.
There are lots of modified PT-19s, and even full PT19 conversions of other models, like the more advanced PT26.
I believe it would be more enjoyable to have a historically accurate version of the bird resting in our hangars, and i tried my best to commit to this vision when developing it, but rest assured i'm planning something that may satisfy your needs.
It is my intention to release an expansion for the PT-26 and even the PT-23 (radial) aircraft, and those do have an electrical system among the other quirks that come with them (like IFR capabilities, oil dillution systems, and some other fun stuff!). When i get the backbone of those systems coded, i will release a completely free upgrade to PT-19 owners which adds the PT-19B variation (has a battery and basic, very basic IFR capabilities, along with some radios on its side).

Well, for VATSIM and IVAO, i do know you can have a remark stating the time you are simulating, eg: Simulating daylight and clear weather.
So nothing stops you from "RMK/Simulating clear weather daylight VFR 1941" and carrying on! -jk, don't try this.

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Thank you for the info. that you will give us a PT19B!   As I said above, I am perfectly happy to tinker with and just bimble around in the original version, because there are no distractions!   However, I would like to do some online work in this wonderful plane, now and again, which is why I asked for the facility.

No chance of doing 1941 on PE - don't worry :D


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