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Trim is not responsive enough

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Hi chaps,

first I'd like to say what an amazing simulation of the SR22 this is. The detail is excellent and it handles so nicely.

Just one thing I picked up from a friend of mine who is an SR20 owner, the elevator trim is very responsive and doesn't seem to be quite right in the TS SR22. For example, standard procedure should be three taps of the elevator trim to compensate when setting Flaps 50%, but in the TS I need to hold the button down for quite a while to achieve enough alteration on the trim. Increasing the responsiveness of the trim would make it more realistic - the trim is fast in the Cirrus to deal with the heavy variation in performance when flap position is changed, and also when reducing/increasing throttle :)


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I agree with this.  Need to hold the trim button down much longer than you do in real life to re-trim the aircraft for different flap / speed settings.

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