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No sound from Saab 340 simulation


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Howdy all! I recently purchased the LES Saab 340 and I am unable to hear any sounds from the 340. I can hear external sounds coming from X-Plane 11.4 but nothing at all from the simulation itself. I've tried multiple uninstalls/re-installs which have not resolved this issue. I do not have sound issues with any of my other X-Plane 11 airplane simulations. Thanks in advance for any direction!

Log files attached.

GizmoLog.txt Log.txt

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Since I've received no response, I continued to try and troubleshoot my issue and it appears I assumed facts not in evidence. The issue occurs when trying to use the simulation in VR. I read the product description on the website and did not read any indication that the 340A was not VR compatible. In fairness, it does not say it is therefore I assumed. Mea culpa.

When I load the simulation after launching X-Plane 11 I have simulation sounds through my speakers. However, I lose the simulation sounds after I start my HP Reverb. I can disable VR but I still lose the sounds if I switch to my speakers until I restart X-Plane.

Perhaps a note regarding VR compatibility in the product description would be helpful until such time it is. After years of chasing a more immersive experience in 2-D, I found the solution in VR. It's not for everyone but in my opinion nothing else comes close to the immersion of flight than the use of VR.

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