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Just installed v1.3. Everything seems to work ok except for the throttles which don't move - either using the mouse or the throttle quadrant. Log attached. Am using 11.50b9 with Vulkan and beta of Gizmo.



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Throtles Work in Vulcan Beta9. (Hardware)

Did you have a Profile for the 733?

Is it still selected and valid?

You did check your hardware assignments, i guess???



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17 minutes ago, Litjan said:

Make sure the autothrottle is not controlling them - you cant move them while it has control over them.



Autothrottle is off. Throttles are dead when I load the plane cold and dark. Could this have anything to do with my version of XPUIPC? (I have the latest version.)


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Posted (edited)
32 minutes ago, M4cD said:

@jcallum  @Litjan

Its caused by newer versions of XUIPC 

Disable XUIPC or get and older version



Yes, I downgraded by XPUIPC to an older version and the throttles now are working. Is this something that will be fixed by IXEG in a future update? I haven't had this issue with any other aircraft and I am now getting an XPUIPC error message.


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