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Appreciation and outstanding Gizmo V20

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A year or two back I expressed an issue regarding the relative smoothness which was dissatisfactory and did reduce the immersion factor. Jan's video on the upcoming update 1.3 I guess, highlights the new features which will be implemented and needless to say its just outstanding and extensively complements the efforts, love and dedication which the developers have towards making this aircraft. On Jan's advice I did try the new gizmo V20, in one word to sum it up, just brilliant. Stutters, Gsync flickering and all the issues which I had is gone. Ben has probably incorporated some sort of magic, it totally is in accordance with Laminar's vision of a stutter free simulation experience. A huge thanks to the entire team of IXEG, Tkyler, Jan, Ben, Cameron and everyone else involved with this. When something commendable is done I believe it should be appreciated and that's the purpose of this post. BEST 737 EVER. If there is V2 in future please count me in, I will try to be the first person to purchase that. Its my belief that there is nothing wrong to charge for a mega update and we would wholeheartedly  welcome something like that in future to keep this masterpiece alive for the future versions of Xplane. That said I hope the team and everybody stays healthy in these uncertain times and thanks again. Take Care    

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Creating addons for a flight simulator can be a thankless job. You guys are probably exposed mostly to complaints and requests and not enough thanks. So spurred by Shobhan, let me also add my voice to the big thank you that the team deserves. Thanks!

And be sure that any complaints or requests stem purely from fanboism and passion for flight-simming and the aircraft, as we always seek the "just right" that can be elusive. Sometimes we may forget to recognize what has already been achieved. :D

P.S. I do agree that a reasonable paid upgrade would make sense and not be a foul in my view for V2, as it seems to be a major rework. IXEG has given very fair and upfront treatment to all of us, the users, so I'm sure you know what to do.


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