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3 hours ago, Sotonye said:

Please what is the procedure to start and fly the TBM 900?

1. Read the manual and setup your key-bindings to manage the "h" shaped throttle

2. Follow the inbuilt tutorial (Plugins- TBM 900)

3. Watch some first class Youtube videos on things like start-up, taxing, take-off and landing technique 

4. Follow the checklists (the most are accessible via the G1000 MFD), otherwise use the real TBM 900 manual. Link within the aircraft manual

5. Learn, fly, enjoy.

This aircraft is a bit more complex and things may brake, if you do not care about correct handling. You can prevent 90% of the errors by reading, informing yourself in advance and by following most of the procedures. If you succeed on the first flights, the TBM is one of the most fun and educational products for X-Plane. 

For direct support and user to user talk, check out the Hotstart discord channel: https://discord.gg/Pnbnc9

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The right side of the H pattern requires a mouse or key/button command.  Moving it across to the left requires a mouse.  The left side can be controlled by your hardware axis like any other throttle.  To get into beta/ground idle, you will need to assign a key command to "toggle thrust reverse", then it's controlled by your hardware axis.

X-Aviation is the store that publishes the TBM.  I (Leading Edge Simulations) provided the mesh, textures, lighting and animations.  Systems and flight model were done by Saso Kiselkov (Hot Start).

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13 hours ago, Goran_M said:

Moving it across to the left requires a mouse.

Hi Goran, no, not necessarily a mouse, a button will do too, right ? With the thrustmaster TWCS I got a solution which feels really natural :


The two buttons move the throttle between flight idle <-> high idle <-> low idle <-> cutoff (or up/down/left/right in the H) as needed.

Once in flight idle, the throttle behaves as normal.

The vertical switch movement of the 3rd switch in the post is great to simulate the reverse thrust lever.


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