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  1. Unable to transmit to Pilotedge with version 1.1.10. Reception is fine. Transmission with any other aircraft is no problem. I'm at a complete loss to understand this.
  2. I am unable to transmit on Pilotedge with the TBM 900. Like others, different aircraft have no problem. I'm confused with your reference to 'version'. Does this relate to xpilot for VATSIM or something else? I thought the latest TBM 900 version is v1.1.10. In any case, my TBM doesn't transmit to PE while other aircraft transmit normally. COM 1 checked and selected; MICRO/MASK confirmed on MICRO.
  3. I realized I asked the wrong question. Here's the real question: Is freely moving around the cabin accomplished by basic view commands or is there special software to assist? During the video someone asks if Track IR was used to which the moderator states negative.
  4. These are great. I'm trying to find more of these: I would like to learn which camera is used and also where I can find more in this series. Many thanks!
  5. May I ask to which camera is used for the excellent TBM videos by Totoritjo? Many thanks.
  6. May I ask which camera is used on the excellent learning videos for the TBM by Totoritko? Many thanks.
  7. Thanks for all the info, much appreciated.
  8. I'm new to this forum and considering the TBM 900. Are there any Throttle Quadrant recommendations? I don't know the "h" throttle pattern might work. Also, what is the company for this aircraft ? Is it 'Hot Start' or 'X-Aviation'?
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