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great airplane except ground handling

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So, I'm still having the same issues with taxi that I was with the previous model. I lacks rudder pedals, so I auto coordinate my yoke and rudder. Attempting to taxi the TBM requires very unrealistic turning radius.

Anyone have any ideas how I can minimize this?


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So, for what it's worth, I originally thought the same thing regarding the ground handling.   However, I was determined to master it.   I am a real world pilot, or used to be before health issues, but

I have to agree that the only way to feel comfortable with any plane is to get that muscle memory at a level that taxiing, TO and landing become routine. I fly RW and the more I train my brain with XP

Hi, Of course it is not the same in real life. Nobody would ever buy a TBM if you can not taxy it straight during TO or LDG roll without having 50+ hours in it.  My guess is that the real TB

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