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  1. Looking forward to promo video or stream to understand the improvement being made.
  2. I am able to change the radio frequency with external plugin like Pilot 2 ATC. However in Reality XP GTN 750 when I click on a frequency it doesn't change the frequency in the aircraft. Anyone able to get GTN 750 to work to change the radios?
  3. Agree those terrible memories are now history :-)
  4. Those of you who now mastered the control of this aircraft are you able to land it on this airport in CA? https://gateway.x-plane.com/scenery/page/Q94 (default airport 11.25) The runway is dimensions: 2625 x 42 ft. / 800 x 13 m According to TBM 900 site it only needs 2,300 ft.
  5. With 1.18 I can now go to Plugin->TBM 900 and activate Payload, Maintenance, etc. Is it possible to bind those to keyboard / joystick? I check under keybinding option and didn't see anything. This will really help us VR flyer to reduce going through the advance menu to activate those windows. Thanks
  6. That is an excellent news. Ground handling is the only issue I have with the plane, if it gets better the plane is in perfection for me even in VR!
  7. This was developed and they had input from one real pilot. It will be great if we can get this in the hands of few more pilots who can provide a 2nd opinion. I followed all the instruction, fine tune my equipment and my ground handling/take off/landing got better still I find it very hard to believe in 2019 a real TBM 900 aircraft handle like this. One thing for sure I will avoid flying in a real TBM 900 if all this is true.
  8. I am not following #4. Is that an extra procedure? Don't we have to do that anyway to taxi the aircraft at lower speed?
  9. Thanks for the screenshots. I followed the instruction on both threads, adjusted the sensitivity and finally was able to make 3 take off and landing without ending up in the ditch :-) . I couldn't keep the aircraft centered but it was mostly under control. Do we need to trim AIL as well?
  10. Default or even payware like FlyJSim 727. Is replay feature supported? I am checking if I am not following certain procedure.
  11. When I save a flight as replay and later play it the PFD and MFD does not turn on. A lot of alarms goes off. This does not seem to work like other X-Plane aircraft when it comes to replay. Is there a procedure I need follow so replay mimics the actual flight in cockpit view?
  12. Yes flight recovers correctly as long as "Start with engine running" is checked.
  13. I think the issue I have is because "start engine running" option was not set when choosing aircraft. This seems to be a requirement to continue the flight.
  14. My understand is if the simulator crashes, I should be able to continue where it crash next time I fly TBM again. When I restart X-Plane it prompts me if I want to continue from last position. If I select "Yes" the plane does indeed resume and engine seems to be running except TRQ it remain idle as of engine is not running. Moving the throttle makes no difference. What is the exact procedure of a recovery in mid air after cash? I didn't see this in the manual if so please refer me to the page.
  15. It will help if QA department uses some bread and butter plugin when testing TBM 900. I consider following bread and butter because otherwise the functionality/enjoyment of the sim is greatly reduced. Pluigin XPUIPC (needed for so many other plugin including ATC, VA, etc) MoveVR VATSIM/IVAO Scenery Ortho4XP (assuming no bad tile) HD Mesh SAM
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