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  1. FYI those of you that are using G2, HP fixed this audio loss issue when using TBM 900. It doesn't matter anymore if you start WMR before X-Plane or after X-Plane. There are no more sound loss. You can download the audio fix firmware for G2 here https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-reverb-g2-virtual-reality-headset/33835976
  2. I found the cause. My monitor 2D resolution is 5120×1440 and VR is a fraction of that. When X-Plane switches between 2D to VR, everything is scaled down except...the G1000 pop up windows. The solution for me is run XP -> switch to 2D -> click on all 3 pop up in G1000 -> resize them very small -> close all the popup -> switch to VR .
  3. I deleted my whole output\TBM900 folder and started with fresh frame. In VR, when I open the G1000 it is still same crazy size. What was the reason behind making these pop panel such gigantic size in the first place? Even if I could catch the edge, I still have make them smaller every time. For reference look at the size of the default map windows which is so much smaller.
  4. I can resize MFD (middle screen) because when that one pop open it is not as large as the PFD. I can use controllers to click on the edge as you mentioned. However, the PFD is a different story because by default the windows is just too large when it pop out in VR. The VR controller or even 3D mouse can't reach the edge. Remember Laminar coded VR in a way when they first pop the VR window is sticky to user view. If I move my position the window follows. Do you have any control in code to dictate the default size? Can it be just 20% smaller so the edge are visible and clickable? I
  5. In VR, when I pop out the G1000 (on captain side), the windows it is just too big. It covers beyond the visual area of HP Reverb G2 and I am unable see anything. I can't touch the "edge" of the window to move it out of sight. What can I do? Is there a configuration in TBM to configure the initial size of that Window?
  6. I narrowed down to what causes sound loss. HP Reverb G2 requires both WMR + SteamVR. When WMR is launched, it briefly takes over the default sound device. When this happens while TBM is running, the sound is lost. The work around is simple. Launch WMR BEFORE launching X-Plane 11. Then TBM will not loose sound anymore and toggling between 2D and VR has no negative impact.
  7. Sound is lost when I switch from 2D to VR (WMR/HP Reverb G2) while TBM is already loaded in the sim. This issue is specific to the latest version of TBM (can't replicate this in any other aircraft default Cessna/Zibo/etc or older version of TBM). What is interesting is if I start X-Plane and load TBM in VR from the get go (never in 2D mode) then sound is not lost. This is just initial findings. I will do more experiment and report back.
  8. Since this post, a few new hardware came to the market. Here is how I have my Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant setup to deal with the "h" gear box. The detent in the throttle is used for reverse I go from left to right with the switches for starting phase and reverse order during shutting down phase. Currently only utilizing 3 so a lot of room for improvement.
  9. Looking forward to promo video or stream to understand the improvement being made.
  10. I am able to change the radio frequency with external plugin like Pilot 2 ATC. However in Reality XP GTN 750 when I click on a frequency it doesn't change the frequency in the aircraft. Anyone able to get GTN 750 to work to change the radios?
  11. Agree those terrible memories are now history :-)
  12. Those of you who now mastered the control of this aircraft are you able to land it on this airport in CA? https://gateway.x-plane.com/scenery/page/Q94 (default airport 11.25) The runway is dimensions: 2625 x 42 ft. / 800 x 13 m According to TBM 900 site it only needs 2,300 ft.
  13. With 1.18 I can now go to Plugin->TBM 900 and activate Payload, Maintenance, etc. Is it possible to bind those to keyboard / joystick? I check under keybinding option and didn't see anything. This will really help us VR flyer to reduce going through the advance menu to activate those windows. Thanks
  14. That is an excellent news. Ground handling is the only issue I have with the plane, if it gets better the plane is in perfection for me even in VR!
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