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Fox Island North elevation issue


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I just purchased your beautiful Fox Islands scenery and while it all works well, the elevation of 6Y3 and North Fox are at sea level, when they should be at about 639 ft. ASL. The result is that Lake Michigan rises up to 600 ft. around the island. South Island is fine.

Is there a fix coming? Or a fix I can make locally?

X-Plane 11.26r2 (build 112601 64-bit) under Windows 10



Bell 407_20.jpg

Bell 407_22.jpg


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It's actually a (minor*) bug - 6Y3 was exported with an elevation of 0 (ft AMSL), whereas 3MI2 was exported with correct elevation (616 ft AMSL). When Runways follow terrain is active, the airport elevation is ignored by X-Plane, and the airport is rendered on top of the underlying mesh. If the option is disabled, or the airport definition specifies "always flatten", X-Plane ignores the mesh and creates a plateau using the specified airport elevation and the airport boundary - in this case, at 0 ft. Hence the funny "Moses" effect.

*Doesn't make sense to use the scenery for 6Y3 without runways follow terrain - the runway is significantly sloped, and the terrain mesh shipped with the scenery doesn't cause any problems (steps, holes, ... whatever you may encounter out there in the "wild").

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