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DC3 RMI Compass heading

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DC3 XP11

Small issue with the RMI compass rose. Starting from cold and dark, the RMI compass rose does not show the acft's actual magnetic heading at the top, as I believe it should.

This situation remains even after power up and engines started.

If I load the aircraft with engines running then everything is as it should be, magnetic heading showing correctly in the autopilot and on the RMI rose.

Have I missed something?

Any help/advice much appreciated.  Love this aircraft!


Chris from Oz

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Are you by chance using XP11.10 (beta or RC)? If yes, Laminar has chosen to implement vaccum gyro drift and random initialisation on start.

Easiest fix by now: assign a key or button to the  sim/instruments/DG_sync_mag command.

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Thanks Goran and daemotron,

Correct, I'm using XP 11.10r1, so was expecting some problems.

All sorted, found a key/command assignment that allows me to manually align the DG.  Can now navigate successfully.

Your assistance much appreciated.  Looking forward with much anticipation to the XP11 version. Love flying the old iron.

I've even kept XP10 so I can still fly the PMDG DC6!   ..... but that's a question for another forum eh!


Chris from oz

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BTW, daemotron

Didn't initially notice your Terry Pratchett quote.....  so true!

I'm a huge Pratchett fan..........  brilliant author....


chris from oz

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