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Scenery Manager

Ben Russell

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Many of you will remember this tool we came up with about a year ago:


Old thread: http://forums.x-pilot.com/index.php?topic=567

I've re-branded it and taken out all the trial modes.

After the summer storm of DRM controversy passed, this is the end result:

I've had this software sitting on my disk for about a year. Apparently people used it and liked it.

We never sold it because it's a pain in the ass, a serious pain in the ass, to make DRM software.

The value of this little app is low. You cant take it and make a fortune with it by out-programming me.

My motivation to bring this one to market as a locked down DRM product was really low. So low, that even though the app is great, I just didn't finish it. True story.

So, this application: Scenery Manager, is exactly the same as detailed in the other thread.

The following major changes have been made.

- There is no trial mode. Full version only.

- The license is GPL v3. Source code is available, contributions wanted and welcome.

- You can download the binary installer, for free, to try it out. No hunting down a suspect version from somewhere to "try before you buy".

Purchasing a copy is entirely at your "I like this software therefore I will support it" discretion.

You can buy a copy here for $5 and support development of this and other X-Plane toys:



You can download a copy here for free:


Currently Windows only for the installer, Mac has bugs, Linux is unknown but should work.

This software is free like Linux, you are free to copy and share it as you wish.

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