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33 minutes ago, esa1178 said:

Hello all

I just reinstalled Win 10 and XP11 along with the 737.

But now I find that no matter what I do, I cannot engage VNAV and CWS P is displayed







this is becuause no matter your are not moving your joystick the potentiometers are sending noise to the sim, the aircraft "thinks" the pilot want's to regain manual control and don't engage.

go to the IXEG left side menu, preferences  tab, increase the CWS slider all the way to the right, this will cure the problem

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I'm having the same issue - I've moved the slider all the way to the right, and the red "jitter" indicator is nowhere near the setting, but I still can't get out of cws p - any other thoughts?





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Hi Roger,

here are some random ideas why you still see CWS P:

  • Did you press the CMD A (or B ) button? If you press the CWS A (or B ) button, CWS is all you will ever get
  • Did you engage a mode after pressing the CMD button? If you don´t the autopilot has "no idea" what you want it to do, so it will default to CWS P (and CWS R).
  • Do you have a mechanical "trim" setting on your joystick? If you deflect that, you won´t get any jitter, but the joystick still sends a "I am deflected!" signal.

If all else fails, display the values for joystick deflection on screen (go to the Data Out tab, search for "joystick", then click the leftmost box. This will display the deflection values of your joystick in small green numbers and you can see what is going on).

Cheers, Jan

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Thanks for the quick reply Jan,

It may be the "engaged mode after pressing CMDA" - I was on a SID and the initial altitude is 6000ft, after which the climb to cruising FL is permitted.

I set 6000ft in the altitude window and shortly before the waypoint at which the restriction is lifted I reset to cruising level (FL280). However we flew past the waypoint with no climb abd when i checked, the VNAV button was no illuminated. When I prssed it, then I got stuck in CWS P mode.

However, it may possible be I missed the waypoint and only increased the altitude set after it - whereupon it may have affected the AP mode. But after resetting the altitude window to FL280, I cannot get either VNAV or LVL CH to work.


Could you suggest a testing logic for me? I was on a BCN1X SID out of EGGD.




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Hi Roger,

when flying in VNAV, the plane will always heed the MCP ALT window, it will not climb or descend past it. It will level off at the selected altitude, and it will also NOT just resume the climb or descend when you set the new target altitude, you need to click VNAV again to re-enable it.

A common mistake that can lead to mode confusion is to look at the light in the buttons to determine which mode is active. Never look at the buttons, always look at you FMA (flight mode annunciatior), the green/white writing in the top line of your EADI.

The "light" in a button means that a mode is active AND can be disengaged by pushing the button. However a mode may be engaged, but the button not lit (i.e. the APP button during an ILS approach). That is why it can be confusing.

FL CHG and V/S are basic modes, they should always work, so I am a bit confused why FL CHG did not work in your case.

You may want to watch some of the tutorial videos I made for using the autopilot, maybe they can help clear this up.

Cheers, Jan



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