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  1. The Avanti is working beautifully now - I have a full suite of instruments and hardware connected from Air Manager on a separate PC. I'd really appreciate some hlep and advice on how to deal with the 737 probelms. Thanks.
  2. OK I've spent a few days testing with the Avanti - I've programmed the switches in my Air Manager panel and created an MIP. It works fine, which seems to indicate the issue is potentially with the 733? What's your suggestion as to where to go from here? Thanks, Roger.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply - will have a look :-)
  4. Hi - I have a saitek throttle quadrant and am having troube asigning the condition levers to it - I want to use 1 lever for both throttles and the other two leveers for individual condition levers - but they act very erratically - they kinda "want" to follow my hardware inout, but then jump back to the detents - can you advise what I'm doing wrong? thanks :-)
  5. Thanks for the quick reply Jan, It may be the "engaged mode after pressing CMDA" - I was on a SID and the initial altitude is 6000ft, after which the climb to cruising FL is permitted. I set 6000ft in the altitude window and shortly before the waypoint at which the restriction is lifted I reset to cruising level (FL280). However we flew past the waypoint with no climb abd when i checked, the VNAV button was no illuminated. When I prssed it, then I got stuck in CWS P mode. However, it may possible be I missed the waypoint and only increased the altitude set after it - whereupon i
  6. I'm having the same issue - I've moved the slider all the way to the right, and the red "jitter" indicator is nowhere near the setting, but I still can't get out of cws p - any other thoughts? Thanks, Roger
  7. Hi Ben, Tried today - i tried the 733 with one of the plgins disactivated - found here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/43281-3jfps-wizard11/ ... as I thought the adjustments "on the fly" might be upsetting Gizmo. It did seem more stable at frst but then crashed again (first log file log.txt.crash 20210320) So then then restarted X-plane and loaded up the Avanti - sadly this crased straight away without even starting the sim (secondd log file log.txt.crash20210320_2) Lastly I restarted the PC and loaded up a frsh flight with the Avanti -
  8. Please excuse the bump - anyone able to shed light?
  9. Hi Ben thanks for chipping in - afaik no - first time I'd installed gizmo was with the 733 edit - I'v had two crashes since - the log files don't mention gizmo this time - just in case, they're attached here. Log.txt.crash20210307_2 Log.txt.crash20210307_3
  10. Thanks again airfighter - attached is my log file. the last two lines are: --=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: Gizmo64}==-- (Art controls are modified.) So I'm hoping we can get to the bottom of this :-) Log.txt
  11. thanks airfighter - do you mean the x-plane log.txt - or is there a gizmo debug log? Also - do I post it as pasted text here, or attach the file? Cheers, Roger.
  12. Hi all, I;ve been sent over here from the IXEG forum in case you can help. I have a fixed-base cockpit with x-Plane 11 on one PC and my instruments for the panel on another PC running Air Manager. I use this system successfully wiht numerous other aircraft, both default and addon. However when using the IXEG 733 I get what seem to be random CTDs when i move a switch or other control attached to anmyArduino cards which then communicate with AirManager. It's a fairly common setup these days, and airManager is becomeing quite popular among cockpit builders. However, it's diffi
  13. Hi Jan, is there any way i can use Gizmo debugging to help point me to the issue? Thanks, Roger.
  14. Hi all, please forgive if this is in the wrong forum - and please move if you think necesseary, mod! I'm using the IXEG 737-300 with AirManager running instruments on a separate PC. I use this rig successfully with other aircraft, both in X-plane and also in P3D and FSX, but with the 734 I am getting sudden CTDs out of X-plane 11 after a vert short freeze. I'm not sure if this is the place to raise a support request, but I hope so! I also occasionally get a Gzmo debug screen which pops up without freezing the sim, perhaps ts connected? Once again, I'm n
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