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Bug in terrain display


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There seems to be a bug in the terrain display. When choosing normal map mode (expanded map), the terrain seems to draw fine. However, when selecting the MAP CTR mode, the minimum and maximum elevation figures are displaced out of view.

Location was ENGM (lined up on RWY 01L)

Please see screenshots.

Also a question: On the screenshot with expanded mode, the lowest elevation figure reads 006. I assume this means the lowest elevation within the selected map range is 600 feet. Is this correct?


Kyrre Andersen




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Hi Kyrre, that does indeed look a little off - thanks for the report!

Yes, the 006 means that the lowest elevation shown (the black area) should have nothing higher than 600 feet.

Note that we don´t show man-made objects like buildings, just terrain.



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5 hours ago, Sportstar said:

Hi Jan


I also saw that in a turn the terrain numbers would turn on the display with the Heading until they are "realoaded".


I can try to make a screenshot tomorrow, but maybe someone knows what I mean :-)

This is intentional and the way it is in the real aircraft. The numbers and terrain symbology is created using the WXR Radar software (thats why you need the WXR system switch on) - and the symbology is rotated with the compass card between updates, so that wxr and mountains will stay in the right spot, even when turning wildly. The update via the sweeping beam or new terrain scan isn´t fast enough for this.


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