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  1. Tangent Aircraft EMG-5

    One more treat for tonight. This time without a 3D cockpit (will come once it's finished in real life).
    I started this project like a year ago, didn't really work on it much since I realised that I'll have another finger surgery in two weeks. I got afraid that I won't be able to pull this project off till summer as promised. I did it in the end.
    ***I didn't make the flightmodel. I only made the exterior model.
    I got invited to this project by Steve Hatfield last year, I think in August. I was really happy, this was my second project of an aircraft that actually exist in real life AND I got invited to work with a group that has all the data needed to make this airplane (provided by Tangent Aircraft).
    Was fun building it. I wish I could do more details but the aircraft isn't built in real life so it's hard to make it detailed.
    Thanks goes to:
    - Steve Hatfield (for intorducing and adding me to this project)
    - Nick Kuiper (for help with the flightmodel)
    - Brian Carpenter, CEO of Tangent Aircraft (for all of the data needed to make this eye candy)
    - Hamish Hall-Smith (Hampster, for making the white paint)
    - Benedikt Samson (for making two paints for this airplane, the "N8112MX" and the "Swiss HB-2088")
    - Others participating in this project
    This aircraft some more eye candy than before (was a plane-maker only project).
    *v10 version included!!
    Little video I put up together as a teaser a while ago (if you don't like electronic music at 150bpm, turn the volume down):

    Rate & Comment! Any comment much appreciated!




  2. Turbo Raven

    Turbo Raven by VRibeiro
    This high performance aerobatic aircraft was a fantastic airshow performer. It could climb vertically at 60knots, brake on descend using "beta" and stop the propeller in flight.
    This model does all this and inverted flat spins.
    I had a recovery parachute just in case of structural failure.
    To brake on step descent reduce speed and then wait for propeller to reverse, the speed will drop and should keep the aircraft horizontal as a controlled stall. Need lots of training.
    -VNE 300KIAS
    To know more visit: http://www.waynehandley.com/archive.html
    It's a real fun to fly this one.


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