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  1. Hi, Having difficulty assigning a button on my joystick to the TOGA button in XP11 for the B733. I can find the generic set TOGA power but it appears not to work on the IXEG. Any ideas or am I not looking in the correct place? I saw a few xp10 posts from last year but couldnt find anything more recent. Loving the aircraft as well. Thanks Scott
  2. Moin, I tried to set up a key shortcut for TOGA, but cannot find it under ixeg/autopilot ... Latest XP 10, MAC 10.11.6. Screenshot attached, any help appreciated ,-) Bassy regards Benjamin
  3. I was taking off from Albuquerque (ABQ) on a hot day. This airport is at about 5000 MSL. I selected TOGA thrust on the runway and subsequently increased my hardware throttle to full power. However, the A/T changed annunciation to THR HOLD without being at full thrust, but instead at about 86% N1. The engines never reached the max thrust rating and there was no assumed temp set either. Also, the takeoff page showed an N1 limit of 91%, which was never achieved. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? What is the real world procedure for taking off from high-alt airports in the 737-300?