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  1. DocBird

    The Immortal DHC-2 Beaver

    I enjoy flying in XP 11.20 with my Rift on and I can only dream of flying this Beaver in VR. Unfortunatelly this project seems to have died... Very sad! I love to fly her in the Alaskan bush. Many happy landings! DocBird
  2. Not too bad! Not too bad, indeed!
  3. DocBird

    Checkride Pass

    Great! Well done and good luck with the interviews.
  4. DocBird

    Who's the Captain and First Officer?

    Stop looking around the cockpit? Since our first trip in a car you know that I am always nervous if you have control I am working hard to become a IXEG senior first officer soon. And with the logged time of all IXEG 737 in my book I hope that will happen soon! Cheers from the flight deck, Till
  5. DocBird

    The Immortal DHC-2 Beaver

    Hi Pete, I hope all is well! Is there any chance that we can get our hands on the floats-only-version and these reaints? I fly this beauty in Alaska and BC and it would be great to have the float-version. Many happy landings! Docbird
  6. DocBird

    10.50 beta 2 up and running...

    Beta 2 is out. It fixes the new autogen issue and also the issue with the new AI aircraft but has apparently it's own new glitches. Some lights in aircrafts seem not to work correctly. Further information are available in the developer blog (link provided by mmerelles). Many happy landings Till
  7. DocBird

    Best XP10 Settings

    So this is good news : We XPLANE-users should not be tempted to buy the new GTX 1080 at the first day. ..
  8. DocBird

    NSFW- Barrel roll

    I may add: you can land her on the water... Go and try to do what Chesley Sullenburger did
  9. DocBird

    Quick Start ??

    And if it says "ready-to-fly" it is ready to fly: set the flaps to 1° and you are good to go for some manual handflying But if you want you can certainly spend 30 minutes to enter all the numbers in the system
  10. Flying approaches into MrX6 Juneau under different weather conditions will certainly be amazing. And it's all done by hand. ..
  11. DocBird

    The Immortal DHC-2 Beaver

    Hi Pete, Thanks for this great piece of of work! It is an absolute pleasure to fly her. I love the ropes under the wings and to see them swinging in the wind. Great detail, simply great! And the docking feature is realy helpful in handling the plane on the water. One thing though: I think the ropes under the wings need to swing further up if the plane is flying (almost up tothe wing). Please have a look here: http://www.carlinair.com/kectchikan-flight-video (great video btw) Looking forward to the release of the "floats only version"! Many happy landings! Docbird
  12. DocBird

    The Immortal DHC-2 Beaver

    Hi Pete, Gear should be up in flight . Anyway: This is the aircraft that caused me to come over to x-plane. Very good looking! Will there be a Float-only-Version. That is the one mostly used in Canada and Alaska! Happy landings! DocBird
  13. DocBird

    The Immortal DHC-2 Beaver

    Pete, I hope you two get well soon! Keep up your great work! It may well be the case that this is the project that draws me over to X-Plane after twenty years of MS flight simulation ...