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  1. Pivot

    Main Door

    Exact same thing happened to me though at FL120. Not sure what caused it but same result, could not close it sealed but next loading of AC all was normal.
  2. Pivot

    VR Config.txt

    Please close this thread, have since figured it out. Vrconfig.txt has to have the same naming style as the .acf file. Works now.
  3. Pivot

    VR Config.txt

    Hello to all, I just purchased the Pocket Rocket and when lauchnind in VR, I am sitting too far back to reach the gauges/levers. I noticed there isn't a VR config file in the aircraft folder either. I attempted to create one but evidently the positioning is hard coded within the aircraft, didn't work. Is there a way to adjust the XYZ position from within the aircraft? It's like being stuck in a Cadillac with the seat all the way back and you can't move it forward.. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Pivot
  4. Pivot

    Sound issues on 1.1.6

    Same here, kind of sounds like it's about to CTD, which I keep waiting for it to do, but it doesn't.
  5. Pivot

    Smooth flight!

    I have to agree with Goran on this, I have no troubles running this aircraft between 25 & 60 FPS and my system is getting dated. The only point where I run on the low end is due to the XP-11 clouds which has always been the case. Only AA I can get away with (in clouds) is FXAA and still FPS tanks but remain manageable. This aircraft, IMO, isn't any harder on frames as any of my vFlyte or Aerobask products. As for the Mem-Leak, I have no idea, but I have flown for hours without issues and fluctuations remain as indicated above.
  6. Pivot

    AoA HUD in VR dont work!

    Excellent guys, thank you for the replies. Guess I held things in line then. Pivot
  7. Pivot

    AoA HUD in VR dont work!

    Bryan thank you for the video, makes sense. I hope HS adds some info in the manual as to this system. I just find it a little strange that it only shows green the entire time from rotate to landing. Thank you again for the vid though.
  8. Pivot

    AoA HUD in VR dont work!

    I'm not exactly sure what it is supposed to do, but it doesn't seem to do anything other than a green light in regular (non-VR) 11.30 RC1 either. Are there any instructions for its use? Pivot
  9. I have also seen that issue arise but the motoring process worked perfectly. Check the manual for motoring and follow it for 10 or so seconds and the message goes away and the bird will then start.
  10. Scary that these guys can't distinguish between military and civilian aircraft and they have that type of firepower at their discretion.. Gives a whole new meaning to "NO FLY ZONE".. Pivot
  11. FWIW, I found the IP error was coming from the XPUIPC config file. It was hard coded in the config file "not the in game configuration". Unfortunately it didn't help my troubles as all I could get was the Haze. Wound up uninstalling, hope they get it working down the road..
  12. Well I have given this a try and can't seem to get any clouds injected. I get good haze though. I get a wrong IP error to even though I set the IP to my Sim PC can't see to get it to accept. Also get a LUA Stopped message top right corner of window. I must be doing something terribly wrong..
  13. Pivot

    10.30b1 Do You Like It?

    I did an uninstall of SMP just to check out the new cloud system and my PC bogged down as with the original XP clouds. So, I reinstalled SMP and all is great again in the friendly skies... Pivot
  14. Pivot

    X-Plane 10.30 Beta 1 -- SOON

    It's out now....
  15. Pivot


    Well all-righty then Cameron, this works in more ways than one... Thank you very much for the prompt reply as well. You guys do a fantastic job with everything you're involved with.. Keep it up.. John J Lutz