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  1. iGoApp

    iGoDispatch for IXEG's Boeing-733

    Igor. I am sorry about this inconvenience. If your concern is to use the METAR reports for calculating the proper air distance and, thus, fuel, flight time, etc., I suggest that you enter your departure and destination airports, select the SID and the STAR, then go to the Winds Aloft panel and download the NOAA winds data. The wind direction and speed will be interpolated from the four closest coordinates at the altitude of 10,000 ft. The disadvantage is that the actual wind data in the airport will be different from that at 10,000 ft. Not very helpful for the take-off and landing but good enough for fuel planning and other calculations. If you need to see the actual METAR report, it may be downloaded from other sites, such as this. Of course, provided that these sites are not blocked either. Hopefully, these difficulties are temporary and will be over when Ablyazov no longer broadcasts his videos. Cheers.
  2. iGoApp

    iGoDispatch for IXEG's Boeing-733

    I will get back to you a bit later. Stay tuned.
  3. iGoApp

    iGoDispatch for IXEG's Boeing-733

    It is downloaded from an ftp server. This is the nature of the error: https://community.ipswitch.com/s/article/PORT-EPRT-Active-Mode-Extended-Active-Mode-is-not-supportedconnection-issue “ ...this indicates that something between the FTP client and the WS_FTP Server has interrupted the connection. This error is not being reported by the WS_FTP Server, it is being reported to the user by something outside of the WS_FTP Server.” If you live in Russia, your government (Rostelekom?) and/or ISP are probably blocking the access. Cheers.
  4. iGoApp

    iGoDispatch for IXEG's Boeing-733

    Hi. Thanks a lot for your kind words! Can you please advise which airport(s) you are trying to get the METAR report for? I've just checked on my computer and had no issues. Also please attach the LogIGD.txt file (either here or in a private message). Regards.
  5. iGoApp

    iGoDispatch for Saab-340A

    davidd. Please provide more information: what exactly Navigraph dataset you use and how you installed it. Also, PM me your Log.txt file. Yes, you need to have a loaded plane for the TCP connection between your application and the plugin to be running (seems like X-Plane puts the plugin on hold when a menu is displayed). Cheers.
  6. iGoApp

    iGoDispatch for IXEG's Boeing-733

    If there is a person named Rodney Tod on the forum, please send me a PM. Cheers.
  7. iGoApp

    iGoDispatch for IXEG's Boeing-733

    gazzy360. No, currently it does not. However, my intention is to continue developing the application and adding more features. Two things that I will take into consideration when doing this: whether this is already implemented in the plane (e.g., through calculations in FMC) and the extent to which I have access to the real plane documentation. If you want something added, please let me know and I will definitely consider it. Thanks!
  8. iGoApp

    iGoDispatch for IXEG's Boeing-733

    donoscar. Please PM me your LogIGD.txt file. In any case, I will be testing an update addressing the issue with European Locale Settings early next week, so expect it shortly. Best.
  9. iGoApp

    iGoDispatch for IXEG's Boeing-733

    Hi, SUAS14. Please do the following. 1. Login to http://www.navigraph.com; 2. Go to Products -> FMS Data -> Manual Install; 3. Find FMS data for “X-Plane GNS430, 777 Worldliner (Ext/Prof), Flightfactor B757 Professional, VMAX B767-300ER Professional, X-Crafts Embraer E-175 - native**” 4. Click Download. 5. Unzip the downloaded file. 6. Copy the folder “navdata” in the unzipped file and paste it in: Macintosh HD\Library\iGoDispatchBoeing733\ (Mac) or C:\Program Files (x86)\iGoDispatchBoeing733\ (Windows). These folders should already have the navdata folder with outdated data. Replace the folder when prompted. For more information, you may refer to the manual (page 11). Cheers.
  10. iGoApp

    iGoDispatch for IXEG's Boeing-733

    No. Is this even possible in real life? Or pilots always do it manually? I guess, leave something to the pilot. Cheers.
  11. iGoApp

    iGoDispatch for IXEG's Boeing-733

    Michelf and other pilots in Europe who have problems with loading. Can you please try the following to verify my hypothesis? 1) Go to Control Panel. 2) Go to Clock and Region. 3) Go to Region. 4) Tab Formats. In the Format drop-down menu, select English (United States) or English (Canada). 5) Click Apply. 6) Tab Administrative. Click on Change system locale. In the Current system locale drop-down menu, select English (United States) or English (Canada). Click OK. 7) Click OK. Close Control Panel. Restart the computer. Please try if this solved your problem and let me know. If this is the culprit, this will be a temporary workaround and will be fixed in the next update. Cheers.
  12. iGoApp

    iGoDispatch for IXEG's Boeing-733

    Hi, jsperl. First of all, thanks a lot for having purchased the application. I hope you will continue to enjoy it. Two things about your question. On the one hand, it is a limitation of the fpl file format that ignores SIDs and STARs. Nothing I can do about it. On the other hand, I tried to implement saving SIDs and STARs in the internal file system and sometimes got unstable results. In the long run, I decided to omit this feature (for now) for the sake of stability. The point of entering SIDs and STARs, I guess, is to ensure more precise fuel and time calculation, especially when they take you off course significantly. But, yes, you do have this inconvenience of manually entering them in FMC afterwards. I strongly encourage you to send me bug reports if you notice any. E-mails would be the best way. Although the product has been tested for several months, each computer is unique and there may be problems revealed further. At the moment, I am investigating a couple of reports that I have received so far. So, if you have a problem with loading pax and fuel or have CTD when trying to connect to ACARS, please let me know. Do not forget to attach the LogIGD.txt file (please refer to the Manual on how to find it). Also, there are currently a few things in mind that I will be trying to implement later, for example, adding airport sounds when loading pax in real time (for more emersion and fun). I am also looking at how to improve drawing flight path on the map: it may become too jagged. I also received a suggestion to add altimeter as one of the parameters displayed on the ACARS panel. Work continues...
  13. iGoApp

    iGoDispatch for IXEG's Boeing-733

    My sincere gratitude to the X-Aviation team and to the developers of the plane for their invaluable support! http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/igodispatch-ixeg-737-300-p-155
  14. iGoApp

    iGoDispatch for Saab-340A

    There are a couple of issues with the Flight Performance function that I need to deal with. Added to the things to do. Thanks!
  15. iGoApp

    iGoDispatch for Saab-340A

    Dave. Let me know if you have solved your problem. I have just checked it on my iPad with the updated navdata and both KTVL and KSMF are found instantly. Regards, Igor