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    Parking brakes not work - Cold&Dark

    If you use brake pedals, try re calibration of them, helped with me.
  2. Nice pictures, but how are the fps behaving? No slide show? Thx E
  3. I suppose the 737 spoiler handle works the same as the classic 747 does? If so, reverse will not deploy spoilers but will arm the spoiler handle. Since all requerements for spoiler deployment are allready met, they will deploy. A mechanism coupled with the reverser handles will place the spoiler handle a bit up and aft, in the arm position. The auto spoiler actuator then moves the spoiler handle all the way aft. This was very tricky when testing reversers at the (overwing) gates because motering engines gave edp hyd press and rev handle pulled spoilers in arm, result: spoiler panels damaged by overwing gate!
  4. ert11`

    Single engine operation problem

    Its not that big of a deal. I will keep flying the saab and await the next updates. Thanks for the response.
  5. ert11`

    Single engine operation problem

    Ai, feel a little bit stupid now [emoji51] Verzonden vanaf mijn iPad met Tapatalk
  6. ert11`

    Single engine operation problem

    Hi JGregory, tested some more, found out that problem has nothing to do wtih eng out. On the ground, both eng's running, left eng can go to full power (if right eng is at idle) but right eng can't go beyond 70% torque if left eng is at idle ! when advancing both throttles, they go booth to the req setting without a problem, but seperate throttles give problems. Can you reproduce this? you can see this in the following youtube movie i made yesterday https://youtu.be/FqWi9EynOJs also in the movie: disconnect left gen, both gen lights on, disconnect right gen, no gen lights on. this is on the ground and in the air. stopped all plugins to be sure they didn't mess thing up, but still the same. bleed croos light will no work, even with parameters met. thanks in advance for touble shooting with me, brds Erik
  7. ert11`

    Mu2 and Skymaxx 3.1 problem?

    Didn't think of that (switchend it off a long time ago) [emoji16]
  8. ert11`

    Mu2 and Skymaxx 3.1 problem?

    I did the mu update yesterday, had no problems. Will perform skymax update on monday and see if problem starts. Till then, brds Erik
  9. Hi all, flying the saab for two weeks now and really enjoying it. Love to fly short hops. Now i got everything working fine, and have no problems flying the normal way (with both engines running). The problem starts when shutting down one engine. At first the other eng stays at the last torque setting and all is well, untill i move the power lever, then the torque off the remainging eng drops to approx 70% and will never go higher, what ever i do? I didn't touch the conditing lever, but when i do, no cure. The moment i start the dead engine, normal torque is back for both eng's ?! Ctot and auto coarsing is off. This way its hard to keep the bird in the air! Does anyone know whats going on? (Searched this forum and the net, found nothing) some small issues, forget to remove a gear pin? Gear still retracks, but streamer hangs out of gear door (funny) single eng oper, both gen off lights illumn, even after gen reset of working eng. single eng oper, single bleed, bleed cross feed on, no light. Hardly impossible to taxi with one engine (allready logged) i'am curious, what i'am doing wrong..... thanks guys (girls)