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  1. X-Aviation products and Mac Sierra

    Thank you.
  2. Hello, I waited a long time before updating my Mac OS to Sierra. May I proceed to this update right now ad run without issues the 737 IXEG, CRJ200, SKyMacPro, etc. ? I think the latest version of Gizmo is provided by the recent updates of all this add-ons, isn't it ? Thanks for answering, Daniel.
  3. Light in the cockpit XP11

    Hello Jan, thank you for your answer. I will try to change my sunglasses for next flights ! Back to work really ? In a cockpit, arent't you ALWAYS in vacation ? Tchüss, Daniel.
  4. Hello, After all, congratulations for the IXEG team. The aircraft flights perfectly in XP11. I couldn't find just one bug for noW : never seen this before ! May I make a suggestion for future adjustments : Would it be possible to have the instruments more readable in daylight ? especially for those one With red figures. Once again, thanks a lot for this update : another "coup de maître", as We say in french, for IXEG. Daniel.
  5. Just sWitch off the passenger signs. Have a nice flight.
  6. Hot Start When generators are on

    Thank you Vantskruv, you were right
  7. Hello guys, Finally, I got the good one ! An extensive operating manual for this beautiful bird : Just a tip for those who are in a hurry : begin your reading from page 363 of the Pdf file... Good flights, Daniel.
  8. Jetstream 32 Operating Manual View File A complete operating manuel for the marvelous JS 32 by Javier Rollon. Enjoy, Daniel. Submitter danhenri Submitted 05/01/2017 Category Plugins and Utilities
  9. Version 1.0.0


    A complete operating manuel for the marvelous JS 32 by Javier Rollon. Enjoy, Daniel.
  10. Hello, Thank's a lot for this update. I tried to fly the bird in x-plane 11. When I run the right engine in normal mode and set the generator to on, I get a hot start : the EGT rises... If I set the generator to off, EGT returns to a normal value. I tried the procedure several times and I don't think I'd made a mistake (reset the generator, etc.) Are you sure that the act file for x-plane 11 is the good one ? Cheers, Daniel. Edit : The problem occurs when I start up the right engine, then switch off the GPU and set the batt master on INT. We have to start up engines L and R before setting the batt master on INT. So, it is not possible to start the engines without the GPU and the batt master on INT. Hoping it's clear enough ...
  11. Approaches incomplete

    Hello Philipp, I am now flying the CRJ with XP 11 (last update of course) and the issue I mentioned above is still there. I tested on the same airport (LFLL) and on another one, LFBO, which has 2 L and R runways too (as many airports actually...). And you may see that the STAR entered in the FMC is still incomplete. The STAR was SECHE 6S for the 14R (SURAS transition). All the waypoints between SECHE and SURAS are missing, and the altitude restrictions too. I hope you'll find a solution. Thanks for your work, Daniel.
  12. Downloading Weather

    I left this setting indeed, but what I mean is that in x-plane 11, no new weather is downloaded, whatever the time selected (15, 30... minutes). I have to refresh the weather conditions manually in XP menu. I saw on x-plane.org that other guys had this issue, but I didn't see the means to solve it. Thank you for your answer, Daniel.
  13. Downloading Weather

    Hello, In XP11, Weather conditions don't refresh automatically. I selected the mode "match real world conditions" and "automatic" in RWC (same settings as in XP10). Is there an issue with Real Weather Connector ? Or have I to change something in RWC settings ? Thanks for your help, Daniel.
  14. Approaches incomplete

    Thanks Philipp for your answer. But, as you may notice above, I don't have this issue with the IXEG 737. So, I will wait till XP 11 is ready ! Cheers, Daniel.
  15. Approaches incomplete

    Hello, May I have some support to solve this issue ? Thanks, Daniel.