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  1. danhenri

    Help/Advice on IXEG 737

    Hi Jim, I prepare all my flights with simbrief. And as I fly in Europe most of the time, I check the CFMU validation by using charts from Navigraph. On my mac, the X52 Pro does perfectly the job.
  2. danhenri

    Problems with MU-2 v1.8 on xp11

    Lucky guy : have some good flights
  3. danhenri

    Topcat profile

    Hello guys, Does anyone here have written a topcat conf file for this aircraft ? Thanks anyway, Cheers, Daniel.
  4. Hello, Just a minor bug here : the 2 stall alarm test buttons are not working (no sound). Thank you very much for this update, Daniel.
  5. danhenri


    Didn't you get the checklist ? You have to say "Open Sesame "!! Happy Christmas !
  6. danhenri

    XP 11.10 final

    Hi captains, May you confirm that everything is OK when flying our favorite bird with XP 11.10 final ? Or is it better to wait for the next update before downloading XP 11 final version ? Thanks for your advices, Daniel.
  7. danhenri

    MU-2 throttle problem.

    Hello, That's not exactly what I said. In XP, you can set a button ("toggle thrust reverses") that just activates the reverse (not toggles it to full : that's another one) ; you may then move your throttle a little bit, and you will have a fine beta pitch.This button just activates the reverse mode, it doesn't activate the reverses themselves. I use the same trick for all liners. Of course, beta range is not reverse, but for the moment, it makes the deal.
  8. danhenri

    MU-2 throttle problem.

    Hello, As I wrote it on another post, you can set a button of your joystick to toggle the reverse : then, the throtlles move back to beta range.
  9. I have a Saitek X52 too. But I can move normally the throttle with it. I just can't move the throttle (both of them) with the mouse. Thank's fo investigate...
  10. Hello Tom, Sorry, but I cannot... I disabled my throttle hardware and also a lua script that I use for the J Rollon's JS32. Without effect.
  11. @PilotNL Hello, I have not these issues with the regular version of XP11 : that's because you loaded the beta one. I get an oil temperature around 50 °C ; throttle and prop are moving normally. What I noticed is that you cannot move the throttle up and down manually with the mouse. But it doesn't matter for me, as I have mapped a button to toggle reverses and it acts perfectly well. Just one remark, because it's not quite clear in the changes' notifications (for me in any case) : to toggle the brakes, you have to manually (with the mouse) pull down the locker ON THE GROUND (not on landing of course) and then, you can use normally your foot controller as well as the "V" button. Cheers, Daniel. Edit : sorry, we have the same xp11 version ! So, let the dev investigate what is the problem with your configuration...
  12. Oh, thank's a lot Tom, and XA too. The "Mu" has always been my favorite twin prop on xp. It was my first add-on, and still remained just as a first love ! And all of this for free ! If there would be a good reason to buy your products - except that they are always somptuous -it would be that one... "Merci infiniment", Daniel.
  13. Hello, I waited a long time before updating my Mac OS to Sierra. May I proceed to this update right now ad run without issues the 737 IXEG, CRJ200, SKyMacPro, etc. ? I think the latest version of Gizmo is provided by the recent updates of all this add-ons, isn't it ? Thanks for answering, Daniel.
  14. danhenri

    Light in the cockpit XP11

    Hello Jan, thank you for your answer. I will try to change my sunglasses for next flights ! Back to work really ? In a cockpit, arent't you ALWAYS in vacation ? Tchüss, Daniel.