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  1. danhenri

    Trim not working

    For my own, I have assigned a button of my throttle to the functions : "lean" and "rich mixture a little bit". It works very well with the TMB throttle. "Rich" pushes the lever forward and "lean" backward. And it is then very easy too to feather the propeller (one notch backward). (of course, I set another button for the reverse and taxy range).
  2. danhenri

    Trim not working

    Did you switch the electric trim button (overhead panel) to ON ?
  3. danhenri

    Go Around behavior with GA button

    In the joystick xp menu, I assigned a button to the function tbm900/ap/autopilot command master on/off. I always disengage the AP before landing and, eventually, perform a GA... So I did not test that.
  4. danhenri

    What framerates are you seeing on the TBM900?

    My contribution that shows that the TBM is flyable with a old graphic card (2048 Gb). TBM900_fps.ods
  5. danhenri

    Go Around behavior with GA button

    I don't know if this is the reason of your issue : for go around, you have to set a button or key to "autopilot take-off go around". It is not the same one as the TOGA button, used with an autothrottle. I confirm that the SUSP soft key is available after GA on the PFD.
  6. danhenri

    Steering the Plane after landing

    As already discussed elsewhere, the trick is to slowly decrease the power after landing and not to fully retard the throttle ; and, if possible, to set the reverb to the minimum available. By the way, reverb is not often necessary. It works for me, in spite of the use of CH Pro pedals.
  7. danhenri

    Too sensitive of the wheel steering?

    Hi divinglyc, This matter has been already discussed here : Perhaps yaw axis may be tuned a little bit. But as written in Daher's POH, the solution is to make only slow adjustments of power ; 50% torque on brakes and increase power smoothly on take-off, decrease it slowly on landing.
  8. danhenri

    Stability augmentation?

    I own the DR401, the Panthera and the P51 Mustang : you do not find any recommended settings for the joystick n the documentation. For a simple reason : it depends mostly of each specific model...
  9. danhenri

    Rain effect

    Hello, Sorry if this subject has been already discussed. The rain effect can be activated only when the level of precipitations raises to " heavy" in the x-plane weather settings. I am using NOAA plugin to generate real weather conditions, based on metar reports. In Europe, very often, we have only moderate precipitations (RA (rain) in the metar, not SHRA (shower rain). So, the rain effect cannot be displayed much of the time. I think it would be very nice if the rain effect could be tuned a little bit to have it displayed even if the precipitations are moderate (in the sense of XP settings). By the way, any hour flying this bird makes me happy.
  10. danhenri

    Stability augmentation?

    It's better to try at once with all cursors set to 0.
  11. danhenri

    Approach minima

    I deleted my message before you answered to it, because I realized your question was indeed about ILS landings. As I wrote here, but perhaps I'm wrong, the TBM 900 does not have the equipments required for Ils approaches other than Cat I. I read some web documentation on this matter and the regulations are extremely complicated.
  12. danhenri

    CH rudder directional control

    Thank you very much for all these advices that I will try to put in practice. I'm getting also much better results by following the recommendations of Daher's POH, avoiding to increase ou decrease too rapidly the power on take-off and landing. Actually, the problem comes in large part from the CH Pro pedals, that do not move like in a real plane (I am a private pilote in real life) : they oppose much less resistance when moved from one side to the other, so that light planes are much more difficult to control in XP than in reality (except when flying a tail dragger like the Piper Cub !). I thought I got an issue with the simulate control at high speed, because I had to make large movements of my joystick to change the aircraft's attitude. I recalibrated my joystick, set all sensitivity controls to 0 and after some tests, it's really a very nice pleasure to fly your plane. After many other guys here, I am very grateful to you for your creativeness, your support and reactivity.
  13. danhenri

    Approach minima

    Yeap, only CAT I ils approaches. And for CAT II et III approaches, you need to engage 2 autopilots for redundancy.
  14. danhenri

    CWS button issue confirmed

    Just ignore my post : it works... (but no CWS annunciation, Garmin 1000 from Laminar limitation I presume). My apologize to the moderators for this inconvenience.
  15. danhenri

    Very unstable aircraft?

    deleted by me.